FGII's #HealthInsideOut campaign amplifies the conversation around mental health

Ruchika Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance said that their media and marketing strategies always follow consumer behaviour and this campaign series is no different

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Published: Feb 4, 2021 8:17 AM  | 5 min read
Ruchika Varma on Health Inside Out Campaign

Future Generali India Insurance company, enkindling the conversation of mental health, has released a campaign video series portraying how extreme human emotions on inanimate objects could be the signs of an underlying mental illness. This brand initiative is the second phase of FGII’s #HealthInsideOut campaign.

The BFSI brand, FGII has designed this digital campaign to encourage consumers to take their mental health seriously. The multi-video campaign showcases a fed-up pillow, a half-torn stress ball, and an almost-broken vase complaining about being at the receiving end of their owner’s wrath. The video ends with a message that violent rage, mood swings, fits of anger, stress, anxiety, change in appetite, sadness, insomnia, and constant crying are signs of underlying mental illness.

The AOR (Agency on Record) & WYP (What’s Your Problem), part of the Wondrlab Network, with the Future Generali team brainstormed together and hit upon this unique approach to bring across an awareness on mental health. FGII then roped in E. Suresh, Animator, Director, and Founder of Animation Studio, Studio Eeksaurus, to execute the campaign. Suresh was instrumental in using stop motion technology to breathe life into the inanimate characters, an innovative technique rarely seen in India before.

e4m spoke to Ruchika Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance to understand the ideation process of FGII’s #HealthInsideOutCampaign and their marketing strategy for this particular campaign.

The insight and production
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every five Indians suffers from some form of mental illness. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made it worse, and research done earlier told us that a whopping 88% of Indians were worried about their physical, financial, or mental health. Yet, mental illness continues to be a taboo in the country.

As a brand whose purpose is to be a lifetime partner for the customers and to lead with empathy, human touch, and innovation, Future Generali decided that now, more than ever is the right time to start a movement around mental health.

With our recent #HealthInsideOut campaign, our objective was to bring the discussion around mental health into people’s living rooms. Our research with mental health experts and affected parties told us that the first manifestation of mental health issues is inflicted on inanimate objects. Early symptoms of underlying mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, or anger can be manifested in behaviors such as the excessive squeezing of a stress ball, the constant biting of nails or a T-shirt, chewing the end of a pencil or a pen cap, the constant shifting the pillow, the throwing of things in rage, etc. Using this insight, we decided to deliver our message by humanizing such objects and tell a compelling story from their perspective, urging the audience to seek timely help and realize the gravity of these issues. A topic such as mental health needs a sensitive approach. And so, instead of taking a serious tone, we sought to take a relatable, light, humorous, and engaging narrative to hook the audience’s attention, leading them to a penny drop moment when the key message is delivered.

The impact and takeaway FGII has envisioned
Our objective for launching this campaign is four-fold—de-stigmatize the issue by showing that it’s a common problem; create the realization that some of these common-place symptoms could be signs of mental illness; urge action by telling our audience to not ignore these underlying signs, and educate people that help is available, whether it is medical or financial.

Marketing mix
Our media strategy always follows consumer behavior and this campaign is no different. Given the surge in traffic by 19% for social media sites over the last year, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are key mediums for us. We are seeing a shift towards digital media consumption patterns. There is a switch to OTT platforms which have seen an increase in viewership by 3-4 million. News is now increasingly consumed digitally. We’ve also picked up a surge in search for health insurance by 23%, making Google even more central to our media planning. We will be present on all these digital platforms in a big way to promote our message.

The strategies adopted to tackle mental health as an insurance brand beyond the campaign curated
Future Generali wants to lead the narrative on mental health. The starting point of this narrative was to get people to understand that mental health is as important as physical health and give them quantifiable ways to measure it. To enable this, we created the Total Health Score, a simple questionnaire & API based assessment that is available on our website and mobile app.

Our stance on mental wellness is not for our customers, it’s a brand philosophy that is extended to our employees. Early on in the lockdown, we launched a free COVID Helpline where our employees could speak to a counselor and seek help from mental health experts. We have also run wellness sessions like Yoga and Zumba, to keep them de-stressed, and organized fun game sessions post work where families could also participate. As lines between personal life and work are getting blurred in the WFH scenario, the organization has also been sending work-from-home tips to ensure that employees take some time off to unwind.

Moving ahead, we plan to roll out multiple initiatives around mental health and well-being - be it differentiated and innovative product propositions, services or partnerships to support customers.

Future Generali has made mental health and wellness a key pivot in its brand story. We plan to continue building conversations and driving awareness around mental health to position it as a relevant, differentiated brand focused on consumers’ needs.

Watch FGII’s #HealthInsideOut campaign videos here: 


Stress Ball:


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