Explainer videos help increase corporate and product sales: Prashant Pinge

Guest Column: Co-founder & Strategy Director at Reptile FX dissects the endless possibilities of how an explainer video can meet various communication objectives

Explainer videos have gained tremendous popularity amongst businesses in recent times and for good reason. However, most marketers simply follow trends or take decisions based on glamorous video statistics that have flooded the internet. They tend to dedicate resources to video creation but fail to work within the framework of a marketing plan when it comes to achieving the communication objective. Instead of treating the video as a tool, they mistake it for the strategy itself, quite content to upload it on their corporate website and share it on their social media properties with the hope of it going viral. What they don’t realize is that this is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

We live in a hypercompetitive world where consumers are constantly being bombarded with information. Apart from that, research also shows that attention spans have been decreasing with time. So while a poorly made explainer video is doomed from the word go, a well-made, engaging video also doesn’t stand a chance unless it can garner eyeballs. However, that isn’t likely to happen unless a proper strategy is put into place that helps it cut through all the noise and reach the target audience. Hence, it’s imperative that marketers create video content in an integrated context, ensuring that it not only gets noticed but is also repeated a sufficient number of times to establish a strong connect.

So how does a marketer get an explainer video to meet its communication objective? In the context of a marketing campaign, it’s important to ensure that the sum is greater than the parts. This can be achieved by establishing linkages across various marketing collateral while also creating layers to bring in an element of intrigue and impact. For instance, an enticing billboard visual could continue its narrative through an explainer video which could end with a call to action to make a purchase. The video itself can provide interactivity to unlock rewards or special offers. The possibilities are endless- and the probability of the video going viral also increases.

Marketers can also use explainer videos very effectively to largely eliminate the uncertainty brought in by the human element during the different parts of the sales process depending on the industry. Humans tend to be unreliable, inconsistent, inefficient and error prone. An explainer video, on the other hand, will disseminate the same accurate information tirelessly every single time to potential customers. It not only saves time for customers, but also results in a considerable saving for companies, allowing them to dedicate resources to building smaller, specialist teams that can handle specific enquiries in an efficient and professional manner.

But it doesn’t end there. Explainer videos can also be integrated into chatbots, offering a wide variety of solutions without any human intervention. So if a potential customer seeks more information about a particular product or service feature, the chatbot, instead of replying back in a lengthy text format, can simply play an engaging video. The video can be viewed as many number of times as required without any problem. The viewer can also be taken through various levels with videos to solve their queries until they are ready to make a decision. The best part is that a chatbot can be customized extensively so that customers can pursue different paths until all their information needs are satisfied.

While we have discussed how explainer videos can be used effectively by marketers, it’s time to circle back and talk about the actual video content, as ultimately that’s what ought to resonate with the viewer. Hence, it’s necessary that marketers are closely involved in the production process, right from preparing the brief to ensuring that the final video is of a very high quality. While the production team can infuse creativity, it’s the marketer that needs to bring in the strategy to ensure that the message is not only engaging but also effective in achieving its intended goal. And yes, it’s critically important that the explainer video reflects the brand essence at all times.

Explainer videos can be powerful tools in the arsenal of marketers, helping spread brand awareness, driving sales growth and building stronger customer relationships. However, their use must have strategic intent combined with a creative approach to break through the information clutter and reach the target audience. At the same time, the video itself must appeal to the audience and convey the message clearly, moving them to action.

Marketers must remember that they need to manage the reach and richness aspects of explainer videos by bringing together strategy and creativity enabled by technology.

The author is Co-founder & Strategy Director at Reptile FX.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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