Exide Life Insurance's #NoMoreExcuses campaign trends on Twitter

Social media campaign of Exide Life Insurance gets Tweeple to make healthy resolutions for 2017

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Updated: Jan 24, 2017 7:50 AM
Exide Life Insurance's #NoMoreExcuses campaign trends on Twitter

New Year Resolutions have a bad reputation – no one follows them through. The same goes for all those pumped up proclamations like ‘This year I will run the marathon’, ‘I will go for a run every day’, or ‘I will go for one Himalayan trek this year’. Either they fade away as people get engrossed in the minutiae of life or even worse people find justifications to skip these well-intentioned projects. This is why Exide Life Insurance launched the #NoMoreExcuses campaign last week to promote its Sanjeevani Health Insurance for Heart and Cancer.

The social media campaign follows the conversations of two friends who are constantly finding silly ways to escape a healthy lifestyle. The campaign, which comprises five videos featuring stand-up comedians Anshu Mor and Amit Tandon, has captured the imagination of Tweeple and the hashtag was trending all day attracting close to 10,000 tweets on Monday and even became the number one trending topic of the day in India.

India’s gen Y resonated with the theme of the campaign and many Twitter users resolved to make #nomoreexcuses and get a start on a healthy lifestyle. Inspired netizens made promises of all kinds -  eating healthy, going for runs, setting health goals, and hitting the gym, were a few of the resolutions Tweeple made on the social media platform. Users on Twitter also urged their friends to maintain a healthy lifestyle by calling out to their friends who seem to live on junk food and always find excuses to skip the gym.


Mohit Goel, Director-Marketing, Exide Life Insurance, said that the campaign began on January 4. Goel and his team launched the campaign by first asking people to share the top reasons for breaking health-related resolutions on various social media channels. The current five ad series featuring the no-good excuses of the stand-up comic duo were inspired by these crowd-sourced excuses. “We picked up cues from the inputs we received and use them to present the reality in a way that is relatable to the audience,” he said. Soon Exide Life Insurance will be sharing the crowd-sourced Book of Excuses.

The campaign then gained momentum when the Morning Walk digital advertisement created by Exide Life Insurance in October went on the Youtube masthead. Goel said that from estimates a masthead ad from the Financial Services sector generally gets 2 million hits, while the Morning Walk ad received 5.3 million hits. In comparison, in June, when the brand launched a video featuring its brand ambassador MS Dhoni on the YouTube masthead, the ad received 2.8 million hits.

The Morning Walk, which was originally launched in October last year, followed the same theme of the #nomoreexcuses campaign and was the anchor video for the entire campaign. It shows one friend dragging his friend out of bed to join him for a morning walk. This ad on January 17 led viewers to the brands web page that hosted the recent five ad series. “The response was overwhelming. We had 100,000 hits on our landing page that hosted the five videos,” Goel said.

Health is currently a subject that everyone seems to obsessed about, Goel noted. He said that his team decided to show people the reality that everyone makes and breaks resolutions. “We did not want to be preachy,” he added. The five video episodes that vary in length, with one being even as long as 4 minutes, were formally promoted on January 20.

Explaining why the brand follows a pattern of making multiple ads on the same theme, Goel said that the digital format gives a brand the leverage to create long-format and short-format ads that present different dimensions of one theme.

“Audiences are appreciating the fact that we have been able to draw a line between the overtly comic and life insurance, which is a serious category,” Goel said.  The campaign is currently is in its second week and will continue for one more week.


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