DHL unveils ‘Where there’s a will, we are the way’ campaign for ISL 2018

The campaign highlights DHL’s role as an enabler in fulfilling diverse aspirations

exchange4media Staff 6 days ago


DHL Express, the international express services provider, has unveiled its campaign ‘DHL is the Way’, for this year’s Hero Indian Super League (ISL). This campaign marks the fourth year of partnership with ISL, the world’s fourth largest football league.

The campaign highlights that aspirations can become reality, and how DHL traverses the globe to help these aspirations come true. It encapsulates the role DHL Express plays as an ‘Enabler of Global Trade’ and is aligned with ISL’s commitment to enabling the Indian talent to go global in the international football scene.

A television commercial has been developed as a part of the campaign and is conceptualized by The Digital Street, A Social Street Group Company. It shows the endearing relationship between a father and his injured son. How the father goes out of his way to get a shoe autographed by a famous football player. And then he trusts DHL to carry it across continents to make a special delivery on the birthday of his injured son back in India. The commercial highlights how DHL does not only deliver shipments but also delivers joy, delight and most importantly hope.

The core message of the campaign– ‘Where there is a will, we are the way’ is targeted at DHL’s SME customer base. It illustrates how in the complex global business environment, DHL helps SMEs fulfil their dreams by connecting them to 220 countries with ease and opening many business opportunities. In addition to the TV commercial, this campaign will also leverage multiple avenues spanning print, radio, Out-of-Home, In-stadia football matches, Ambient and Digital mediums.

Commenting on the campaign, Sandeep Juneja, Vice President said,  Commercial, DHL Express India said, “At DHL, we see ourselves as enablers for our customers in global trade. Therefore, we are always finding new solutions to make Indian SMEs more competitive. When we are done solving complex supply chain problems, our customers should see it as ‘Excellence Simply Delivered’. Thus, the new campaign – ‘Where there is a will, we are the way’. With this, we want to strike an emotional chord and go beyond business conversations.”

Adding to this Pratap Bose, Founding Partner and Chairman, The Digital Street said, “Through its exceptional service quality, DHL is known for bringing hope and delight to its customers. The creative thought behind this campaign highlights exactly that, blending special experiences with a continuous endeavour to deliver with care. The campaign weaves a beautiful story of a caring father-son relationship and the role played by DHL in fostering a personal connection to bring them closer. The commercial was created with an intent to stand out in the minds of consumers, and hence allow them to connect better with the brand’s values.”

Campaign video:

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Taco Bell introduces new Chickstar Wrap in #ItsTheNew campaign

The campaign was conceptualized by Taco Bell’s agency on record Ogilvy Delhi.

exchange4media Staff 10 hours ago


The #foodie millennial generation in India has been flocking to Taco Bell stores in India all year to relish new twists to their favourite food, such as the Naked Chicken Taco and the Crispy Potaco. For its third product launch in India, Taco Bell went bigger and bolder; and leveled up the customer’s food experience from the standardized fast food burgers, sandwiches and wraps.

Taco Bell announced the launch of its latest product innovation ‘Chickstar Wrap’, a unique form of star-shaped tortilla, filled with crispy chicken, delicious veggies and signature sauces from the house of Taco Bell. This new product innovation has already proved to be a hit with anyone who enjoys a good burger or sandwich.

The Chickstar Wrap is unique right from its shape to the taste to the ingredients, that it deserved a launch campaign that was unlike any other food type. The brand has joined their consumer base in facing the unshakeable personal small-talk question of “Aur bata, what’s new?”.

The campaign was conceptualized by Taco Bell’s agency on record Ogilvy Delhi.

Speaking on the campaign, Sidharth Shukla, Vice President & Head of Digital, Ogilvy Delhi said, "Our insight was based on the fact that for our target audience trying out experiences is essential. It comes out of a ‘want’ to discover new things and equally from a realization that there is nevertheless a certain rut which has seeped into day-to-day life.  An embodiment of these feelings, we felt, was reflected in the numerous “What’s up?” or “Aur Bata” questions that we receive as we go about our day – The Chickstar Wrap here is the symbolic answer, counter and come back to this question – putting a new spin from both a format and a taste perspective to a food item which has largely remained unchanged since we have known it.  The film remains true to the Taco Bell style that we are now so familiar with – slices of life, witty, young, all of which add to making it very relatable to the audience we wish to engage with".

Campaign video:

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Dentsu Webchutney launches 30 films for Platinum Days of Love’s new season’s collection

The series of 30 videos will be released daily, starting from November 23rd till December 23rd.

exchange4media Staff 11 hours ago


Dentsu Webchutney, the digital agency from Dentsu Aegis Network, has launched Platinum Days of Love’s new season’s collection with the campaign #LoveSoRare, a series of 30 digital films inspired by the design story of the collection. The complimentary design of each pair of love bands is brought to life by 30 films that arise from the insight of togetherness amidst individuality.

With evolving times, couple’s relationships and their expectations from love are also seeing a change. Modern relationships born out of this change now demand a better understanding of each other, respect for what each person brings to the dynamic, and a sense of individuality that doesn’t stop them from coming together. This ability to be oneself while being together is highly sought after and aspirational for young couples, but it isn’t easy to achieve. In fact, it’s rare.

The Friends:

Platinum Days of Love celebrates this very kind of modern love, one that is progressive, equal and rare, and their new collection is a reflection of this ethos.

This kind of rare love brought alive through these 30 films, is seen in very relatable differences between couples. She’s an environmentalist, he likes to burst firecrackers; he’s watching his weight, she tempts him by bringing home delicious desserts. Will it come in the way of love? With wit and gentle humour, the 30 films of togetherness demonstrate how those who have a rare connection don’t see differences as something that comes in the way of love, they look at it positively. They know that despite the differences, what they share is rare.

The Cat-Lover:

To introduce this idea of rare love, the agency created a Love Score, a test that encouraged people to test their love based on their differences. Ultimately, it was revealed that these differences should be celebrated and will not push you and your partner apart when you share a #LoveSoRare. Once intrigue was built, the agency launched 30 films inspired by the 30 designs that symbolize rare love.

Commenting on the campaign, Pravin Sutar, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney said, “In a world where brands tend to look at relationships and love with rose-coloured lenses, it was refreshing to create a campaign that adds to the conversation in such a unique and honest way. Through #LoveSoRare, we’re asking viewers to rethink what makes their relationship truly unique.”

Aalap Desai, Senior Creative Director, Dentsu Webchutney added, “Each pair of rings from the collection has a unique design story that that marks the rare bond between a couple. Our 30 days of togetherness is a perfect reflection of this very love.”

The Baby Conundrum:

Sujala Martis, Director- Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International said, “Today’s generation is very pragmatic, we can’t attempt to sell them a fairy tale that is removed from their reality. But working with today’s truths & creating a value system that is aspirational, progressive & yet differentiated is what we aim for. Love needs to be based on a true partnership with openness, honesty & real acceptance of each other’s individuality at the heart of it. Putting this into practice, however, is hard and rare to find. A rare love like that deserves an equally rare metal platinum.”

The Biryani War:

This campaign will also give couples an exciting opportunity to win a special dining experience or wedding photoshoot on a purchase of platinum in-store.

The series of 30 videos will be released daily, starting from November 23rd till December 23rd.

The Hoarder:

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Lowe Lintas designs campaign to position Veedol's Take-Off as a youthful brand

The campaign focuses on innate characteristic of young Indians who challenge the status quo and set things right for the common good.

exchange4media Staff 11 hours ago


Veedol has launched a new campaign for its flagship brand Take-Off. Lowe Lintas Kolkata, the agency-on-record for Veedol, has conceived the advertising campaign. Take-Off specifically caters to 2-wheeler riders in the country.

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM)'s report for FY2018, the Indian two-wheeler industry has crossed the 20-million unit sales milestone for the first time - registering a growth of approximately 15 per cent over the previous financial year. The road ahead for the two-wheeler industry looks very exciting and promising. Riding on the fast-growing two-wheeler industry, Veedol's launch of a new campaign for Take-Off appears to be particularly opportune.

The campaign film focuses on the innate characteristic of young Indians who challenge the status quo and set things right for the common good. The narrative is woven around these purposeful youth of today who see themselves as agents of change, with the inherent power, confidence and intent to make a difference to the society as a whole. Positioning Veedol as a modern, youthful brand, 'For The Young Engines of India' acts not just as a new advertising slogan but celebrates India’s energetic youth who equitably represent the brand's values.

Commenting on the campaign, R N Ghosal, Managing Director, Veedol India, said, “The campaign showcases Veedol’s full range of motorcycle and scooter engine oils in an upbeat, youthful ambience with an over-riding sense of purposeful action built into the narrative. This would go a long way in enhancing Veedol’s imagery, in step with several other brand interventions we have undertaken recently like the launch of the new international packaging. I believe that this campaign is an important milestone in positioning Veedol as a vibrant and youthful brand of choice for emerging consumers”.

Janmenjoy Mohanty, Regional President, Lowe Lintas, said, “While tuning into the larger India story, we were looking for a youth truth that would suitably reflect the current dynamic. Our search led us to the fact that young people are self-starters, who will not wait for things to happen, but effect change themselves. That is what makes them the ‘young engines’ of a fast-changing India. A belief we reflect in the new communication for Veedol.”

D K Guha, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas, added "Veedol’s new international packaging, as well as the introduction of high-performance oils, provided the perfect moment for launching the new campaign. Set against the backdrop of a young and restless India, the campaign captures the youthful energy and attitude of the millennials - the driving force behind the nation."

The campaign is being actively promoted online and offline.



Agency: Lowe Lintas

Creative: Janmenjoy Mohanty, Abhishek Deshwal, Surajit Chakraborty

Account Management: DK Guha, Subhabrata Roy, Nibedita Ghosh

Account Planning: Anurag Prasad, Punit Singh

Production: Finger Print Films

Director: Rajay Singh

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L&K Saatchi & Saatchi and Renault India reveal ‘Who are India’s worst drivers’

The experiment showed almost 110 traffic violations per signal / per hour. The initiative further educates viewers to maintain road discipline and become agents of change

exchange4media Staff 11 hours ago


If you are living in any big megalopolis in India, the odds of you witnessing or even being subjected to rash driving or lawlessness on the roads is pretty high. Be it a two-wheeler or four or even the bulkier ones, each one seems to be in some hurry or the other to reach a destination of their choice with little regard to traffic rules and pedestrian safety. From jumping the red light, to ignoring traffic signs, to over-speeding and lane cutting, virtually every rule in the book is broken when it comes to driving across major roads in India.

In a unique experiment, Renault India partnered with its creative agency Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, and decided to monitor the driving habits of motorists across a few important locations. The team installed cameras across key sites and monitored the traffic violations that took place every hour. This experiment was limited to the cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, usually the hub when it comes to evaluating driving patterns of people on the roads. 

Titled ‘Who are India’s Worst Drivers?’, the experiment throws the spotlight on a cross-section of vehicle owners spanning bikes, auto-rickshaws, taxis, buses, trucks, etc. Each owner is seen presenting their own assessment on who are the worst drivers on the road with hardly anyone pointing a finger to him/herself. The experiment threw up startling findings that showed there are almost 110 traffic violations per signal / per hour. The initiative further goes on to educate viewers to maintain road discipline and urges them to become agents of change via #RespectTheRoad.

Commenting on the initiative, Virat Khullar, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Renault India said, “Renault stands for ‘Passion for life’ which in a way means easy life for our customers. But for an easy life with cars, one important aspect is to follow the rules defined for driving these cars on road. In India we all face huge traffic issues and true to our nature, all externalise the fault. This campaign is an attempt to portray reality that the traffic situation can only improve if we change ourselves and respect the road.” 

Sharing his views, Charles Victor, Executive Director, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi said, “This initiative - Driving Smiles, is a wonderful initiative by Renault where we try and give back to the world we sell to. From lighting up villages during Diwali to lighting up smiles at an orphanage during Christmas, the initiative has always tried to take a step towards change. What better change to expect than to change the way Indians drive. This little social experiment aimed at showing us that the change needs to begin with us.”

A two part series, the films have been launched only on the digital platform and serves as an educational tool. While the first film questions people on who are the traffic offenders, the second film goes on provide answers to the questions and how we all need to become agents of change.

Client: Renault India
Team: Virat Khullar, Hardik Shah, Kautuk Malviya
Agency: L&K Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative: Kartik Smetacek, Thomas George
Client Servicing: Jay Mehta, Shazia Shaikh 
Planning: Snehasis Bose, Ankur Kapoor
Production House: Prodigious
Director: Gaurav Gandhi




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RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group unveils latest Too Yumm! Karare TVC with Virat Kohli

Conceptualized by Mullen Lintas, the 30-second ad film features ace Indian cricket captain, youth icon and fitness enthusiast Virat Kohli

exchange4media Staff 11 hours ago


Guiltfree Industries Limited, the FMCG division of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, has launched its latest TVC showcasing the all-new Too Yumm! Karare. With an emphasis on health and without any compromise on taste, the brand has scored yet another sixer with its latest TVC aptly tagged as ‘Bahar se Tedha, Andhar se Seedha’ starring Virat Kohli.

Conceptualized by Mullen Lintas, the 30-seconder features ace Indian Cricket Captain, youth icon and fitness enthusiast Virat Kohli. The opening scene of the TVC captures a lady walking into an airport lounge, where she notices Virat Kohli also waiting, and munching on a snack. She sits next to Virat Kohli, and opens her own packet of fried snacks and starts eating it. Each describe the taste of the snack they are eating as tasty and crunchy, this makes the lady slightly curious. Putting the suspense to rest, Virat finally reveals that his snack is the new Too Yumm! Karare exactly like hers, but not fried only baked.

Too Yumm! Karare- Noodle Masala

Anupam Bokey, VP Marketing (CMO) RP-SG FMCG said, “We are absolutely thrilled about the new Karare launch. This is the 6th innovative product from the house of Too Yumm, which effortlessly marries taste with health. Consumers are more receptive to products that they can relate to. This has driven us to introduce Karare, where we have pushed the taste to a higher level, while still staying true to the core promise of Too Yumm! which is ‘baked not fried’. Our campaign idea of ‘Bahar se Tedha, Andhar se Seedha’ captures the thought of being tasty from outside while still being healthy from inside, very succinctly. We believe this will make our product offering more mainstream and appeal to a much wider set of consumers."

Too Yumm! Karare- Munchy Masala

Available in unique flavor combinations like Chilli Achari, Garlic Peri-Peri, Munchy Masala, Noodle Masala and Southern Spicy, Karare promises to live up to every craving without sacrificing on flavour. Karare is a step forward in Too Yumm!’s journey in catering to the increasing number of consumers who are on the constant lookout for tasty yet healthy snacking options. Baked, rather than fried, exalts the brand even higher as its increased competitiveness in offering a healthier and tastier snacking option.

Reflecting her views on the brand’s new product Garima Khandelwal, Executive Creative Director, Mullen Lintas said, “With the launch of this new snack in the portfolio, we are taking the competition head-on. To land Too Yumm's differentiated benefit of being baked and healthier but as tasty as its fried competitive product, we drew reference from the category for the advertising and arrived at the campaign idea - ‘Bahar se Tedha, Andhar se Seedha’. We wanted to land that Karare is as twisted and tasty as the competition, but there is only goodness inside.”

Too Yumm! Karare- Chilli Achari

Adding to that, Priya Balan – Sr. Vice President, Mullen Lintas said, “Too Yumm Karare campaign is based on a simple insight of how consumers rationalize their unhealthy snacking choice and are cynical about healthier new products because they believe it won’t be quite the same palette experience. Our brand ambassador, Virat Kohli charmingly debunks this myth with the line ‘Bahar se Tedha, Andhar se Seedha’. That’s because Karare is the product format that is a big favorite with consumers but with a key health differentiation by virtue of it being baked, not fried. We are looking forward to exciting times in the category.

Campaign film:

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Pulse Candy lovers will go to any lengths for just a taste of their favourite sweet

Three new TVCs conceptualised by J Walter Thompson take forward the ‘Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye’ narrative

exchange4media Staff 14 hours ago

pulse ads

Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group, has rolled out another set of three commercials. This takes forward the ‘Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye’ narrative that was introduced with the release of the very first TV commercial.

The TVCs have been conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Company and the three commercials being released are titled, Astronaut, the Swing & the Bedroom. Each commercial showcases how the protagonists upon seeing a Pulse Candy in their proximity reach out to grab it, even in unfavorable situations.

Speaking on the brand, Shashank Surana, VP, New Product Development, DS Group, said, “The Pulse candy has retained number one position, second year in row due to its irresistible taste heightened by a tangy twist. The communication of Pulse is hinged on the temptation to seize a Pulse candy, whatever the circumstances. This three film campaign also highlights the extend people go to get one in ‘Pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye’, situations presented in comical and eccentric plots.’’

Sundeep Sehgal, Executive Creative Director & Vice President, said, ”The content consumption nature of consumers has changed and Pulse is a brand which is very conscious of this. As a result for this next round of communication we’ve created short crisp 10 second commercials that are snackable content for the consumers and also work well from an attention perspective. However the challenge remains to deliver an impactful piece of communication without losing the essence of the brand and I feel this is one such example.”

Creative Credits

  • Campaign elements: TVC/Digital
  • Director (of the films): Shirish Daiya
  • Production House:  Jamic Films
  • Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson Company


  • Vice President & Execute Planning Director:
  • Shujoy Dutta
  • Planning Director: Debasish Das

Creative Team:

  • Executive Creative Directors: Sundeep Sehgal
  • Creative Director: Nishant Nanda & Kshitij Chandel

Film Department:

  • Girish Kant Singh

Account management:

  • Vice President: Mukund Raina
  • Account Manager: Naman Joshi

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Baggit’s new ad with Shraddha Kapoor encourages women to express their opinion

#PutItOnTheTable campaign has been conceptualised by Famous Innovations

exchange4media Staff 2 days ago


Bag & accessories brand Baggit has launched its autumn winter campaign titled #PutItOnTheTable with Shraddha Kapoor as a part of their association for the year 2018 & 2019. While the first half of the campaign focused on encouraging women to express their own opinions by putting the issues on the table, the second part of the campaign showcases the fun element of how women sometimes reach a decision or make up their minds when there are multiple options available. The campaign again encourages women to be true to their self.

The campaign will be led with a TVC (20 & 30 seconders) that will be launched on GEC channels followed by hoardings in metro cities. This will be supported by a diverse print and an innovative digital campaign in the coming months that will engage the target audience on a deeper brand level, the company said in a statement.

While the campaign has been conceptualised by Famous Innovations, the TVC has been shot by Curious Films and the print campaign has been shot by ace photographer Prasad Naik.

Commenting on the campaign Nina Lekhi, MD & Chief Design Curator, Baggit, said, “Our first ever TVC received immense love and support from all our customers and the industry at large which was very heartening and encouraging. With the second part of our campaign we continue to extend the concept of #PutItOnTheTable and encourage women to take decisions in their own hands – however difficult or fun they might be. It is their choice, and no one said they can’t have fun while making it. The added fun element makes this one endearing.”

Adding on to it, Shraddha Kapoor, Brand Ambassador, said, “The Baggit campaign has been immeasurably satisfying to be a part of. The conversation that it has put focus on has helped women take control of the narrative of their individual story. The next part of the campaign deals with a lot of fun that can also be a part of decision making for women. Especially when it is concerned with fashion, I encourage women to have fun with it and don’t apologise for it. Be a part of it. Fearlessly. Unapologetically.” 

The TVC, print and outdoor campaign will be launched in the month of December.

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‘Kannur gives Kerala new wings’ ad shows changes new airport will bring to people’s lives

The campaigns have been done by Maitri Advertising Works.

Neethu Mohan 2 days ago

Kannur airport

Kerala’s fourth international airport, Kannur International Airport, will be inaugurated on December 9. Spread over 2,000 acres in the northern district of Kannur, it is owned and operated by Kannur International Airport Limited.

With one day remaining for the inauguration, the campaigns centring the airport is garnering rave reviews. The campaign uses everyday scenarios featuring the local people of Kannur to capture their emotions on the momentous change that is to come about in their lives. The films in the campaign focus on the dream and various development aspects such as passenger facilities, boost for trade and tourism, and convenient homecoming for NRIs. Hence it has the theme—‘Kannur gives Kerala new wings’.

The campaigns have been done by Maitri Advertising Works.

The logo for Kannur International Airport has been designed by Hammer Advertising. G Sreenath, Managing Director, Hammer India, said, “In 2011, when Hammer was assigned to design the logo for Kannur international Airport, our creative object was clear. It was to synergize the glory of Kannur’s heritage with that of a world class, most modern airport. Seven years hence it is a proud moment for us as Kannur International Airport launches.”


Raju Menon, Director, Operations, Maitri Advertising Works said, “We wanted to communicate that this is not just another opening of an airport, but a massive infrastructure project and one of the biggest development initiatives undertaken in the state. It will open up a huge corridor in the North Malabar region and take Kerala to never before heights. We also wanted to spread some positivity among the people after the deluge of 2018.”

“The pre-launch phase of the campaign kicked off on 28th November 2018, with the films being aired on television and simultaneously going live online. The theme song for the airport sung by Kannur’s favourite son, Vineeth Sreenivasan, was released on 5th December,” Menon said.

“The aim of the campaign was to get an organic reach and create anticipation in the minds of the people for the opening of Kerala’s fourth international airport. It has achieved this and more, with the films going viral and being talked about in India and abroad. Potential passengers are now aware of the opening of a state-of-the-art airport in Kannur, and also its proximity to places in Karnataka such as Kodagu and Mysuru. People don’t see it as just another modern airport, but as the perfect gateway to North Kerala and South Karnataka,” concluded Menon.

Kannur international airport is the second greenfield airport to be built on a public private partnership (PPP) platform in Kerala.


The Team

Client: Kannur International Airport Limited
Agency: Maitri Advertising Works
Digital: Winningwayz

Project Head: Raju Menon
Executive Creative Director: Venugopal Ramachandran Nair
Concept & Script: Pooja Prasad
Art Director: Siva Prasad
Client Services Director: Sumit Raj
Senior Account Executive: Sujin Varghese

Production House: CREDAYA
Visualization & Cinematography: Tanu Balak
Project Director: Sreenath
Editor: Aswin G Ashok
Music: Anand Madhusoodanan
CG: Arun
Post Production: Omlight Creative Studio
Colour Grading: Black Maria
Production Controller: Aravindan Kannur
Art Director: Baiju Krishna
Associate Editor: Geo Alex
Camera Team: Sushanth, Mukesh, Aji
Helicam: Shinu Koshy
Unit: Dynasty, Calicut
Production Managers: Binukumar VS, Biju

Neethu reports on media, marketing and advertising industry. In the past she has reported on start-ups, education and health sector for over 6 years.

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Hershey’s Kisses unveils first India TVC campaign

The new TVC, featuring Hershey’s India brand ambassador Tara Sharma, primarily focuses on how this delightful chocolate enables endearing everyday moments of bonding and affection with loved ones

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Hershey India Pvt Ltd, a part of The Hershey Company, a leading global snacking giant and the largest producer of quality chocolates in North America, has announced the release of the first ever India TVC for its recently launched iconic and globally-loved ‘Hershey’s Kisses’ chocolate.

The new TVC, featuring Hershey’s India brand ambassador Tara Sharma, primarily focuses on how this delightful chocolate enables endearing everyday moments of bonding and affection with loved ones. It celebrates the unique shape and wrapping of Hershey’s Kisses that makes every single one perfect for sharing with dear ones.

Speaking about the product launch and the brand’s marketing plans, Herjit Bhalla, Managing Director, Hershey India said, “We leveraged The Hershey Company’s rich chocolate heritage and expertise of 125 years, with the launch of the iconic Hershey’s Kisses chocolates. Hershey’s Kisses is a global symbol of affection and we have brought this alive in the new TV campaign.”

Sarosh Shetty, Marketing Director, Hershey India, shared his view on the new TVC saying, “In India, we have created a strong and consistent Hershey’s brand that is now a leading player in every category that it is present in. The Kisses launch film is an extension of the Hershey’s brand promise in India. It celebrates the unique product proposition of Hershey’s Kisses. This delightful chocolate enables one to build a special bond with their loved ones. It is often about those simple, everyday ways to show you care – which often isn’t only words”

The TVC will be played on leading southern channels. This campaign will further be reinforced by an extensive 360-degree campaign across mediums. The Hershey Company brings almost 125 years of quality chocolate-making expertise to the launch of Hershey’s Kisses in India.

Today, it is a Fortune 500 company with world-class manufacturing and innovation capabilities to deliver great tasting chocolates. The company makes nearly 70 million Hershey’s Kisses every day that are loved by consumers in nearly 60 countries.

Campaign video:

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The Glenlivet’s new campaign celebrates definitive moments in life

The campaign films demonstrates the beauty of unspoilt world and the artistic representations help to show consumers that by looking beyond the ordinary they can unlock something special

exchange4media Staff 3 days ago


The Glenlivet launched its new ‘THE Campaign’ in India, celebrating the proposition of definitive moments in life. In line with the brand’s modern and contemporary feel, this campaign is an evolution from the brand’s heritage as “The original one that set the standard” and is set to reinforce its role as a visionary within the category.

The campaign has been introduced with two films – ‘The Bond’ and ‘The Memory’, demonstrating the beauty of the unspoilt world and encouraging consumers to seek out 'The' moments in their lives with The Glenlivet. The artistic representations help to show consumers that by looking beyond the ordinary they can unlock something special.

Lately, in India, achievers are getting younger and their world is getting busier. In their frantic struggle to the top, they are losing touch with emotions that are truly special in their lives. The Glenlivet, as a brand, aims to identify and celebrate these special emotions or moments that our target audience, senses a connection with. It is the distinct character of such emotions that inspires The Glenlivet to tell a story of an inimitable bond between two people, and a deep-rooted memory that still plays vividly in one’s mind, through this endearing and culturally true campaign.

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India said, “The Glenlivet campaign has been designed to celebrate THE moments, which allow us to lead richer and more fulfilling lives. Given how the young achievers are graduating to finer things in life, it was time, we welcomed them to the world of The Glenlivet. Our latest campaign reiterates that in a world with an oversupply of everything- glut, plenitude & noise, what we need is those definitive moments and the Three letter word “The”, an iconic & distinctive symbol, reinforces the same.”

Commenting on the launch, Miriam Eceolaza, Marketing Director, The Glenlivet said, “The Glenlivet campaign is our most ambitious to date. It’s a modern and contemporary campaign that stays true to our heritage. India is a key market for The Glenlivet, and we have created this specific campaign to celebrate some of life’s definitive moments of the Indian consumer.”

Janmenjoy Mohanty, Regional President-North & East, Lowe Lintas India said, “Sometimes the most impactful way to put across the brand message is through good old story telling. We chose the most endearing stories that celebrate definitive emotions in an individual’s life. Each one has been painstakingly crafted with a fine mix of stunning visuals, underplayed emotions and music that talks to the soul. We hope each of these stories manage to touch a chord with our target audience."
Conceptualised for the Indian market, the campaign has been launched in India, and will be followed by a global release and will be promoted across multimedia platform.



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