Credible, quirky & wholesome: The Whole Truth Foods' campaigns serve it right

Industry experts opine that the ad films connect with the brand proposition and develop a purchase intent for the new product

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Published: Apr 13, 2022 8:31 AM  | 4 min read
Healthy vs The Whole Truth ad

The behavior of the Indian consumers is changing and they are now valuing health and wellness more than ever. As per a 2021 Mintel report, 44 percent of consumers in India say they would expect a brand with ‘healthy’ food or drink products to be fully transparent about ingredients used on the label. Therefore, hoards of brands, both new and established, are coming out with healthier snacking options for the modern consumers.

One such name is The Whole Truth Foods, a brand that claims to be India’s first and only 100% clean label brand. The brand recently launched its dark chocolate with an interesting campaign showing that it uses dates instead of sugar or any other artificial sweeteners.

Called “Healthy” Food vs The Whole Truth’, the three-film campaign culminated in a fourth surprise video talking about the launch of their dark chocolate.

Speaking about the ad film, Samsika Marketing Consultants CMD Jagdeep Kapoor said, “The ad is speaking to the segment of people who really care about what they eat and how it impacts their health. And that’s why it has to be palatable, interesting and must be able of developing a purchase intent for the new product. The ad is all of this. It is definitely going to spark an interest in the consumers that they must try this new product.”

However, he added that for the product to succeed, the taste will have to be good, “The war is not only factual but also perceptual. While the ad will get the people to try out the new chocolate, the only thing that the brand must be worried about is that the product should not turn into a classic (book); the one you want to have read but cannot get yourself to read. So, the taste has to be really good.”

The campaign is credible, will connect with people

The launch film was preceded by three other ads, featuring comedian Rohan Joshi with the brand’s founder Shashank Mehta, bringing to light ‘the whole truth’ about packaged food. 

Speaking about the entire campaign, Kapoor noted, “I would call this campaign wholesome that connects with the brand proposition in a simple and credible manner.”

Social Panga Co-Founder Himanshu Arora mentions, while speaking about the first ad in the series, “It’s a quirky ad with a satirical take on the current situation. Somewhere, we all are aware that chemicals have sneaked into our regular dietary food for several years now under the label of ‘Edible Chemicals’. As we can see the founder (Shashank) of the brand enacting in the ad, adds a lot of the trust, credibility & thought leadership. The audience believes in a brand if the brand custodian is communicating directly.”

DigiChefs Co-Founder Deep Mehta agrees and adds that the audience will be able to connect to the ad, “The audience will be able to connect. In today’s time and age, an average woke consumer tends to double-check the ingredients in products they consume anyway. Given that protein and energy bars are typically consumed by those who are a bit more conscious about their body’s nutritional needs, they are quite aware they don’t want to include chemicals and artificial flavours in their food. In essence, they may not know exactly what these chemicals are, but they do know such names in food typically are a red flag.” 

Creativity divides ad-watchers

While the campaign messaging and intent have impressed the ad-watchers and experts, the creativity quotient has got them divided on their opinions.

Kapoor quips, “If you talk about humour, there could be mixed reactions to it. But the campaign serves well what it aims to: that is credible ‘whole and wholesome’ truth.”

Speaking about the 100% natural ad, Deep Mehta says, “Personally, while the context of the ad was great and was quite an on point, I found it unentertaining. While Rohan tried to bring in the funny side using his makeshift acting, at the end of the day, the script was nowhere funny. And hence, an attempt to forcibly try and make it appear funny was all the more unappealable. Great initiative, but the direction needed more thought.”

However, Arora has a contrasting view, “As mentioned before it’s a quirky yet simple ad. The messaging is direct. This commercial is a reflector of our complacent lifestyles. The ad will titillate the emotional senses of the audience and hence according to me, the creativity has scored pretty well in this ad.”

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