Best Digital Marketing Trends for B2B Marketers this Festive Season: Suvodeep Das, Sodexo

Guest Column: VP - Marketing, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India writes about top digital marketing trends that B2B marketers can employ this festive season

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Published: Nov 19, 2018 8:54 AM  | 4 min read
Suvodeep Das Sodexo

We are moving from an era of brand dominance to one where agility is rewarded.” - Will Critchlow, Founder & CEO, Distilled

In a country where emotions drive a lot of purchase decisions, the festive season comes as a bonanza for designing marketing campaigns. And with the number of active internet users close to 500 million, it is hardly surprising to see the buzz on digital media witness an upward swing during this season. Almost every consumer is in a celebratory mood, surfing the internet for the best entertainment, clothing, food and gifting options; in search of the best deals. On the other side of the table, this is the textbook opportunity for a marketer to create an exclusive digital presence for his business. For B2B companies in particular, it makes perfect business sense to embrace organic customer engagement over transactional engagement; digital marketing being the preferred route. So, what are the top digital marketing trends that B2B marketers can employ this festive season?

Content marketing to leverage this season

As a key digital marketing platform, the adoption of content marketing positions many businesses as thought leaders in their segment, which also improves their SEO ranking. However, due to the overload of text-based blogs and advertising on the web, eyeball reach reduces significantly; consequently, businesses are revamping their content strategies and experimenting with newer formats, focusing largely on visual-heavy, compelling content to attract the attention of their TG through infographics, holiday-related images and videos that are contextual and not overtly promotional. 

Social Media Marketing to step up conversations

Festivals might keep some customers away from work, but not from spending time on social media. This gives B2B marketers an ideal opportunity to showcase their brand. A company Twitter handle, following peers in the industry, and actively tweeting useful and relevant information builds brand credibility. Another effective medium is Instagram, where businesses post behind-the-scene action, festivities at work or highlight community activities. But the smartest place for B2Bs to find clients is LinkedIn. As a platform, it assists in building connections with industry peers and working relationships. B2B businesses need to concentrate their marketing efforts here.

Festive communication to generate the right leads

Brands should stay true to their audience and yield powerful returns by showing appreciation and gratitude through content elements. While featuring customer testimonials, sharing valuable information like industry reports or white papers is the usual practice, the use of creative and cheerful festive messages and communication that portrays the human side of business always draws customers to their social media profiles. 

A topical opportunity for B2B sales    

Sans the festival tag, B2B companies are trying to be more topical and part of everyday conversations. Contrary to the belief that the festive season puts the brakes on for B2B, this may actually be the best sale-clinching time; the reason being that a lot of companies are yet to allocate their budgets for the calendar year-end. There is less competition, as many would already be off celebrating, leaving behind more opportunities to their competitors for generating leads and closing deals. In this period, several decision-makers begin planning for the coming year and a clever pitch could just clinch a mutually beneficial partnership. Perhaps this is the time to be at your aggressive best! 

Data-driven marketing to generate demand

B2B companies are increasingly choosing marketing automation platforms (MAP) to create a more personalised customer experience and to translate contacts into leads and finally into sales opportunities. MAPs integrated with CRM tools play an important role in scaling demand. Leveraging the use of WordPress, Hubspot and other CMS to create and manage digital content is another agile approach towards generating demand. And at the heart of all such marketing automation tools is AI. Contextualising engagement across numerous channels is the game-changing advantage of AI; primarily to get actionable consumer information.

With the relatively limited reach of B2B industry, a powerful digital presence is indispensable for any business. The time is ripe to invest in customised strategies and targeted communications that will drive greater revenues in the New Year. 

(The author is the VP - Marketing, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services India)

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of


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