Are brands becoming more socially inclusive?

In their latest ads, brands like Shalimar Paints, Lotus Herbals, Senco Gold & Diamonds, Brooke Bond Red Label are touching upon social issues like deep-seated prejudices, corruption, and more

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Updated: Jul 19, 2019 8:46 AM
Social Inclusion

Brands create advertisements in a way to grab eyeballs as they aim to remain in our memory for long, but today most brands are taking up social causes in their campaigns. Labels like Shalimar Paints, Kellogg's, McCain etc. are featuring issues like deep-seated prejudices, corruption and LGBT rights. They are also spending a huge part of their marketing budgets in these campaigns, which give them a huge reach and connect instantly with audiences.

Be it the Shalimar Paints ad ‘Har Rang Khoobsurat Hai,’ Brooke Bond Red Label's ‘Shree Ganesh Apnepan Ka’ ad or Closeup's #freetolove campaign, brands are perfectly cashing in on social issues and calling in for a more inclusive society.





Lotus Herbals took up the issue of adoption in one of its campaigns. Talking to exchange4media, Nitin Passi, Joint Managing Director, Lotus Herbals, explained the thought behind the idea.

“Cause marketing is very important for beauty brands, especially because there is so much science involved. For a campaign to appeal to the consumer, it must emotionally connect with them. Beauty is not just about the physical aspect, but also emotions. From that perspective, cause marketing is probably the most important element in the marketing mix. Looking ahead, we will focus a lot more on cause marketing versus conventional product marketing,” he said.



Similarly, Senco Gold & Diamonds has also been supporting the idea of taking up social causes in more ways than one.

Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold & Diamonds, said, that Senco has fostered social inclusion since its commencement. “From our ambassador to our TVC, we choose each and everything very thoughtfully, because being a brand it is our responsibility to make our society better,” he added. “We also had a working staff of deaf and dumb people, we feel that our specially-abled peer should be given equal opportunities. There is a Bangla movie called 'Gotra,' we were one of the prime sponsors of the movie. The plot of this movie is entirely based on the removal of rituals that elevate the idea of inequality and to establish more harmonious surroundings."

There are other brands too which have been very vocal about social issues, for example, the ‘Dag Acche Hai’ TVC from Surf Excel. Though the ad got into a dispute, the primary idea was only to bridge the gap between two communities.

However, such ads are not as popular in mainstream television as they are on social media. Brands put up such issues in their digital ads but are often hesitant to feature them in mainstream TVCs. While talking about the reason behind this trend, brand expert Rama K said, “Brands are relying on social media because their main target is Gen Z and the millennial population.”

According to Rama, millennials are more concerned about social causes, green issues rather than only business. “So keeping in mind the upcoming market, creators and brands are getting more sensitive to this change and tweaking budgets,” she added.

In a complex market place brands are making a commendable effort to move towards a better society. This way they are also reaching a larger number of audiences. One hopes that initiatives such as these will help India become a more inclusive society.

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