AI can’t build emotions or understand consumers like humans: Kenneth Keymer, Isobar

Keymer, Senior Copywriter, Isobar talks about breakthrough campaigns he has been a part of, the digital world and what he has learnt so far

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Updated: Aug 13, 2019 3:34 PM
Kenneth Keymer Isobar

Kenneth Keymer, Senior Copywriter, Isobar, curated the copy for Dunkin Donuts’ ‘Nayi Mithai’ campaign. He was also part of with the Skybags campaign that got over a million users to #PlayBackToBack.

Keymer also served up a #KhaneMeinTwist for Nutralite and brought about a change in payment behaviour through Tap to Pay with Visa’s #JustLikeThat.

His past stints have been with agencies like TBWA and 22feet-DDB Mudra before he joined Isobar in 2018.

In a chat with exchange4media, Keymer spoke about his key learnings, campaigns he has worked on and his views on AI.

Edited excerpts:

Breakthrough in advertising and past agency stints

I use to play video games a lot as a kid and you could call me a digital native. When it came to online, advertising was much more hard-hitting and precise. I was there when Barack Obama actually came out with ‘Burnout Paradise’. The former US president had actually paid to have his campaign integrated into a video game. I saw all this stuff and was inspired to get into digital. But I made a mistake and joined mainline at the get-go. Digital at that time in 2015 wasn’t what it is today. So, I joined TBWA as an intern but they were doing stuff that digital was doing back in 2009. They had created this cool campaign where you had to sacrifice a friend on Facebook. In 2009, Facebook was just on the rise and if you unfriended 10 friends you would get a free Whopper from Burger King.

The digital platform is for the mind because on digital you are enjoying yourself, entertaining yourself and you can switch off. It is harder in a way to actually turn your mind back on and say we should buy this product but it works because everyone is on digital.

In DDB Mudra, I learnt to take decisions. I learnt how to better my skills there.

The First Campaign

I did my first TVC for Dunkin Donuts at DDB Mudra where I sold doughnuts during Diwali as a Mithai. The desert isn’t a mithai actually so I put it forward as ‘Step Mithai’.

Key learnings from past stints

I have learnt actually how to filter things. Your first thought is probably one which is closest to your heart and is probably your ad campaign which we actually did for the brand VISA here at Isobar. The campaign's insight was drawn from human behaviour where people were already tapping on everything. So we wanted to make them tap to pay with VISA. We had to change their user behaviour. We used an existing behaviour which is just tapping.

How has Isobar helped in honing skills
Isobar believes in the power of the idea. No matter who says it or where it comes from. Everyone here knows how to accept the smartest idea, work and collaborate on the campaign.

Best work till date
We created an online game for VIP’s Skybags. It is an adaption of their TVC where someone jumps out of the bag. It had a great consumer impact. We could see consumers comparing their scores. But the VISA - Tap To Pay campaign was much bigger because being a digital agency we pulled off a TVC. The creatives were on Metros and in theatres.

Does AI and ML put copywriting in jeopardy?
Not really, because AI does not have a heart. It can’t build emotions or understand consumers as humans would. But AI will curate stuff based on what you have been watching.

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