A creative detour: Vodafone launches 'Speed is Good' campaign for its 3G network

While brands are making cricket-themed ads, Vodafone has taken a different road. Conceptualised by O&M, 'Farewell' and 'Haircut' demonstrate how Vodafone 3G connection

A creative detour: Vodafone launches 'Speed is Good' campaign for its 3G network

At a time, when every brand is doing something related to the on-going cricket World Cup or the IPL, telecom operator Vodafone takes a refreshing path to communicate to the audience its superfast 3G speed through two new brand films. On the basis of the Ookla Speed test (the global leader in broadband speed testing), Vodafone claims to offer 22% faster download, 44% faster upload and 22% faster browsing experience with its 3G data network.

The idea of the new brand campaign ‘Speed is Good’ has been brought to life by Ogilvy & Mather with two television ads titled ‘Farewell’ and ‘Haircut’ to demonstrate how Vodafone 3G connections can bring a smile on someone’s face.

Speaking of the brief, Rajiv Rao, National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather said, “It was to highlight the strong Vodafone 3G network to our consumers. We had to tell stories in a charming way which would highlight how the network does magical things. It took us around two months to complete the campaign. It is a full 360 campaign, supported by TVCs, digital, outdoor, in-stadium, activations and press.”

Citing reasons on why they decided to stay away from cricket, he pointed out, “We have always avoided it because this is the time, when most of the brands are doing something or the other related to cricket because of the World Cup. It gets very monotonous and every ad starts to look the same. Therefore, we have always made a genuine attempt to stay away from it.”

Our take 

The first TVC ‘Farewell’ starts at an office environment, where an old man is retiring. His colleague, a young pregnant lady notices that he is packing his things together and asks him the reason behind it. The man replies that it is his last day at work, so this lady then requests for a selfie together. In the following scene it is shown, that the picture is then shared with everyone in the office and they also come to know about his retirement. Just as he gets down from the stairs, he is surprised to be greeted by his fellow young colleagues who gift him his selfie with all their signatures on it. It is a beautiful emotional film with good performances.

While the first was emotional, the second TVC ‘haircut’ takes a funny route to highlight the superfast speed of Vodafone 3G. It starts with a young boy along with his mother at a haircut salon and the later instructs the barber about the style for his son. But to everyone’s disappointment, the haircut goes wrong and the young boy starts howling. The mother tries to console the child, but it is of no use. So she clicks a picture of his howling and irritant son and shares it with her husband. On reaching home, both the mother and the son gets a big shock to find that the father also had a similar haircut just to make his son comfortable. This film highlights how every father is their son’s hero.

The two TVCs end with the voice-over that ‘Share photos 43% faster, Speed is Good’. Vodafone-the fastest 3G network’.

You can watch the ads here:

Expert take

Prathap Suthan, Chief Creative Officer, Bang in the Middle found both the TVCs to be good and interesting at the same time. According to him, the brand Vodafone has once again done a great job in connecting with the right audience. “My heart actually goes out for the old man in the ‘Farewell’ film; it has a nice social message which highlights the responsibilities of the younger generation. But if you ask me my favourite, it will be have to be the ‘Haircut’ TVC because I have also done similar things for my children. This TVC appeals to the older generation and also at the same time, talks about the behaviour of today’s young couple.”

“The attempt is quite fresh and it actually acts like a breather in this moment when all the brands are just blindly doing cricket related stuffs because of the World Cup and the IPL. Just because the recent Vodafone campaign is different, you actually feel like watching them over again and again,” he cited.

KV Sridhar aka Pops, Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro on the other hand liked the ‘Retirement’ ad more than the ‘Haircut’. “I liked the simplicity of sharing a picture in this generation of clicking selfies only for the number of likes on social media sites. Everything in this film, looked very real, be it the minute detailing in the picture presented to the old man or the presence of the pregnant girl. It is a nice feel good film with real people, good purpose and sweet surprises in between. On one hand, when we hear news about the youth misusing internet and their irresponsible attitude, Vodafone has gone a great job to show the good and the responsible side of it. I loved everything in this film, I guess because I am nearing that age,” he stated.

Both the Vodafone videos have gone viral and the brand has earned positive feedback on the social networking sites for its fresh attempt.

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