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What if robots were to get into the media, advertising, and marketing sectors…

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What if robots were to get into the media, advertising, and marketing sectors…

With technology coming into the big picture and the industry in a cusp of transformation, Gary Conway, CMO of Automation Anywhere speaks about the next generation technology – bots, playing a major role in marketing with importance given to digital marketing and the way people in the media, marketing, and advertising sector could take help from a digital workforce in the near future. Excerpts:


Since the company is into manufacturing of bots and other such technologies if this is ventured into the media, marketing, and advertising sector, what could happen to this set of professionals?


It’s hard to know right now. But I would say this from experience. It seems to me that media is often lagging behind in many of the advancements of the world. We’ve been reading how for some major advertising agencies in the world, the revenue is declining. It’s declining because they still haven’t understood that people are continuing to get their information online. In the United States, UK, France, and Germany they have been so television centric, it’s now becoming obvious to them that more and more people are getting their information online. I think we’re going to see the same thing in robotics. Media, advertising agencies, PR firms lag behind in many technological advancements and I would expect this to be no different. 


How do you think automation would help marketing?


There are so many things that we do by hand, the creative part that we do, I don’t think bots would ever be able to replace that because it requires talent, a certain level of skill. And I don’t see bots doing that for at least quite some time, maybe not in my lifetime. But there are certain things like the creation of media planning and channel planning that bots actually could do quite well. Bots could actually measure the results of many of the things that we have in media and tell us how to improve it based on the results they see and they could do it instantaneously. 


A lot of repetitive tasks that we do and also a lot of the analysis that we do, I can see bots fitting into that world extremely easily. When we’re setting up media plans or marketing plans, so much of that is repetitive although the names are the same. Many of the things we do like completing a simple spreadsheet, we do again and again and again. Most of those things could be done by bots. It would be great if bots could actually track where we are and also tell us the spend levels.


How will branding get affected if bots and technology begin to invade this sector?


I think more and more companies are understanding that the media channels of the past are going to remain in the past. We need to be focused on the media channels of the future. And media channels of the future are all digital with rare exceptions, especially in the B2B space. When you’re in the digital space, that’s when bots are capable of doing almost anything. Planning, execution, measuring and proving. Bots can do all of that. The one thing they can’t do is look at something and say, “Yes, that’s going to be an effective advertisement.” I’m not sure if bots are capable of doing something like that. But they can measure the efficiency of something you test in the digital space. They can measure results instantaneously and they can actually predict what might happen based on the things they’ve measured. 


Bots can also help the front office employees focus on other stuff. These days a number of companies want these chat bots. These were mostly responded to by a relationship manager. But these days it is being managed by a bot which analyzes all the chat bot information into cognitive information. Here what happens is that the human element will come into in the final governance process. 


Being the CMO of a company that focuses on next gen technology, how has your journey here been?


We focus exclusively on B2B. The company has been around for 14 years and has been developing this market since then. What we’re seeing right now is that the market demand is now coming up to the vision of the company. Businesses are interested in this technology. There’s already so much interest in robotics right now. There are some industries that are further down the road than other industries. Technology companies are lagging a tad behind but more and more tech companies will find robotics increasingly relevant. This market is going to grow very quickly. 

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