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How often do we pause and ponder about industry issues that have a bearing beyond just our rigmaroles? Share insights that can further the common understanding? Or, at the very least, point at things that need to be set right. View Point - an exchange4media platform, will fill this void and become a source of understanding, action and perhaps some inspiration.

Media specialist: Changing paradigms

S Yesudas, Business Advisor (Director), Initiative Worldwide, Jakarta

The birth of Insight, India, was the result of my conviction that media specialists can potentially be accountable for the communication process. The concept, a process for the same and the passion of the team ensured its victory over other leading media specialists for the country’s largest asset management company, within three weeks’ of Insight’s birth. Of course, much like all other good ideas, the concept also faced criticism from some quarters. But, with the strong belief that media specialists could provide further value to the growth of brands, my search for need gaps continued.

During my international journey that is now over a year and half old and which took me to a few countries, I have witnessed nothing drastically dissimilar in the approach. Pitches and clients considering one agency over another for a meagre difference in the proposed remunerations were some of the sights! This, according to me, questions the relevance of media specialists and hence intensified my search. I started asking myself, where do we go from here?

So, here I submit my own perspective on the evolution of our business, changes facing us and some points for a possible response mechanism.

Let the focus be on the client’s bottomline too

The ultimate aim of most advertising is to sell brands. The first thought that crossed my mind is how much of a concern do agencies place on the advertiser’s bottomline v/s their own? Do the teams in an agency get even a token reward for the spectacular growth of their client’s business, despite a not so good overall bottomline growth for the agency? I know I won’t be a CFO’s friend after this question. But I would be happy if some of you think there is a merit in this question.

I was doing some analysis a while ago and found that if an agency is able to retain a happy client for three years, it stands to gain an average cost reduction of 18 per cent on servicing the business in the third year. However, ahuge amount of focus is placed on top line growth within agencies. Growing with clients is not an area that interests all agencies, though to be fair there are some who have linked their remuneration to growth of brands, largely because the clients decided so!

Let width give way to depth

The communication business, particularly the media part, is on a threshold of change currently, changes that some of the markets are already grappling with and others are soon to follow suit.

Changes that will be brought about by introduction of new technology and changes that will emanate from the very way consumers think and respond. This will put the already discerning consumers in the cockpit. And the brands being carried in such airplanes will be completely at the mercy of those in the cockpit as to whether it will eventually reach its final destination or face with a midway crash!

Some (I am selecting my words carefully in order not to be shot down) of our industry is still focusing a lot of energy only on getting brands into that airplane which I am calling reach. It has been an age-old belief that brands need a threshold level of such “reach”, whether it is the Krugman’s three-hit theory or JPJ’s Recency theory.

However, a look at some startling numbers immediately raises the question of relevance of such “passive” reach. Ninety two per cent of the Tivo population in America do not see any TV ads. Tivo is expected to grow from a single-digit penetration to 40%, 57% of consumers there who go to cinema halls hate advertising in cinema halls, close to 30% of them say they will reduce their cinema going incidence should the theatres not stop showing ads. Moving closer to our region, the ad avoidance studies estimate that 70% of China’s TV viewing population do not watch commercial breaks, the figure for Taiwan is 65%, Thailand 52%, Indonesia 47% and so on.

When spontaneous awareness of a brand does not always show up satisfactory execution cut through numbers, we safely blame the creative. I am not for a minute saying creative is not important. While numbers indicate that 75% contribution to the brand being recalled comes from the creative and the remaining 25% from ensuring the relevant consumers get to see it, I would like to believe that the creative and media contribution today should stand at 50:50.

Only the media specialists can bring about a change in the focus from delivering reach to making impact full contacts with measurable ROI as far as possible.

Understand the consumers as people

Consumers who are fed up and fatigued with the 30-second sermon need some reassuring words. Brands need to modify the thinking from “buy me” to “what’s in it for you”. It is all about “invitation” marketing and not “intrusive”.

Caring about consumers should also mean that marketing should not stop when the product is purchased. A research paper corroborated this by proving almost 70% of businesses lost consumers in America because of apathy after sales.

Media specialists can play the bridge in ensuring that content matches the consumer expectation and is delivered to them at points they are open to receiving the same.

Relook at traditional research mechanisms

Ad tracking, based on which brand health and investments decision are taken, is yet to evolve and incorporate the changing dynamics. Different consumers receive different messages communicated by different channels at varying speeds. They process the information according to their needs and certainly differently according to the category involvement. Consumers with limited time may not necessarily follow the traditional approach of hierarchical effects. Why must then consumers fit their thinking into a preconceived structure practised over the years? If advertising is aimed at reinforcing the brand’s equity in the consumer’s mind, shouldn’t such research provide evidence of source and quality of exposure, given the complexity, in order for the strategists to identify consumer clusters and tailor make communication plans? So, the next time the analysis provides evidence of communication decay, try getting slightly deeper into it.

I have observed that in many markets, research agencies depend upon freelance field staff without the necessary supervision. In addition to change in the design, it would call for necessary supervision and process validation even from advertisers who invest in such tracking programmes.

Also, while there are increasingly important discussions about “involvement” and “engagement” planning, the audience measurement data is still to evolve and provide “Involvement” CPT or “Impact CPT”. Quality of exposure is an important element. Planners are adopting various one-off innovative opportunities to grab the consumer attention. Probability analysis, based on programme consistency and using the involvement theory, can also be applicable in the absence of anything better. Until technology forces media owners to play a balance between their bottomline and the need to care for their consumers and customers, the research mechanism will have to evolve to provide for the impact of every delivered OTS, given the quality of viewing. What I am calling for is beyond the actual “spot” rating that people meter is able to provide.

Client and agency must have achievable, common goals

The need to look at various touch points met with agencies response of developing those resources, most of them set up as profit centres with outsourced talent. This neither impressed advertisers, nor provided for cross-fertilization within the agency. 360 degree approaches remained in conference rooms and power points. The strategy continued to be media strategy with a line between something above and below, while in reality there is nothing such as ATL OR BTL that exists in the consumer’s mind!

The lack of knowledge at agencies proved a nightmare for some advertisers having to deal with various service providers, since the advertisers needed other options, besides the airplane.

This paved the way for a further split in our business with strategic consultants on one end and ativation/OOH/dgital agencies on the other. In between, he struggle for full service media specialists to find the relevance continued.

It is extremely essential, more than ever before, for mea agencies to acquire in-depth understanding of the various touch points, guide the advertiser with credible information and enhance the quality of the communication investment. This calls for a genuine focus of increasing the elasticity of the client’ advertising rupee. Advertisers need to appreciate this and be open to recommendations and suggestions from the agency.

There are many brilliant examples of brands exploiting extremely relevant consumer touch points in very effective ways and I believe it can be achieved for all brands, whether mass market or niche. Clever ideas do not need TV commercials, but cn actually became the content for TV channels and will be zap proof.

Communication planning process must begin with an idea

I don’t mean TV script when I talk about idea. TV script is one form of executing the idea. Idea to me is the core essence on which the communication strategy is to be built, following which the strategy must have a thorough understanding of the consumer and the touch points. The actual communication will have to evolve from this understanding for it to have the maximum impact and every touch point must carry the same core idea forward.

Take cognizance of the changing paradigms of communication delivery

A 15-second commercial can become 5 minutes entertainers built on the core idea and telecast in an ad-free environment.

Mobile phone technology can make consumers seek and listen to ads, respond and interact too on a large scale. This can potentially become distribution and CRM channels too.

Tomorrow when the consumer has the power of 3G mobile technology and the number of even the basic “palm screen bound” consumers increase, the process certainly cannot be only delivering reach through TV commercials. It is essential to invest and build the relevant knowledge base, test, try and learn when it does not call for big monetary investments.

Brand and media agencies must learn to collaborate

The tussle between the two for establishing superiority left advertisers crying for seamless solutions.

The conflict is when both the brand and communication strategists believe in their strengths to contribute in all areas. A robust strategy has to be based on solid hypothesis but not conclusions, unless validated. Keep moving on to other hypothesis, and still the same can be validated with credible and in-depth information/knowledge. Conclusions are dangerous, so is the wisdom from marketing textbooks. It is good to learn from theories. Clients must appreciate that it is not the words/sentences in the power point slide that will build brands.

While a brand and communication strategist can exist functionally, the future will belong to agencies that can begin to collaborate, have the right depth and passion.

Having said all this, the reality today is something totally different. Brand managers probably are more concerned about their own growth, incentives and promotions than the brand’s. The same applies on the agency side too. Collaboration, togetherness, change in thinking cannot happen through annual conferences and conference room presentations. It needs to be a discipline and has to start from the top. The top manager will have to consciously become selfless so that he/she can genuinely spread this culture in the workplace for this process to be successful. This will also eliminate mutiny in the ranks and help ideas to flourish!

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How often do we pause and ponder about industry issues that have a bearing beyond just our rigmaroles? Share insights that can further the common understanding? Or, at the very least, point at things that need to be set right. View Point - an exchange4media platform, will fill this void and become a source of understanding, action and perhaps some inspiration.
- Swapan Seth, Co-CEO, Equus Red Cell - 12/16/2002
"I think a lot of our clients are far more inquisitive about the future of media than us media professionals..."
- Sandip Tarkas, President, South Asia, MPG - 12/2/2002
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- Shovon Chowdhury, Exec VP & GM, Bates India - 11/12/2002
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Phadnis comes from Planning and Strategy background, having worked with Starcom, HTA and Rediffussion. Phadnis joined TV Audience Measurement [TAM] as Director, S-Group in early 2002 quitting Starcom as Media Director.
- Atul Phadnis, Director - S-Group, TAM - 10/1/2002
An ardent bridge player, a producer, a writer and a teacher - one could go on and on about Amit Khanna. Khanna has a wide lineage- he has worked in theatre, radio, television, journalism, advertising and films. He has been on the executive committee of IBF, Indian Music Industry, and Film Federation of India. He set up Plus Channels in '90s and quit in 2000 to launch Reliance Entertainment with Reliance. Khanna the Chairman of the Convergence Committee of FICCI. And also he is the Member of the Core Group of Ministry of I&B, on GATS and Ministry of Commerce. His contributions and association is a long list.
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exchange4media has been calling me for my Viewpoint, but like a true advertising person, I have no time! So I decided to write it in sleep (if you can walk in sleep why can't you write in sleep?) If it hurts your sensibility or you disagree with my views, please disregard this as a piece of junk - because I know it is impossible to pour water in a glass full of water - to give gyan to advertising gyanis.
- Amit Ray, VP-Media Services, Mudra - 7/24/2002
"How does a media professional go about seducing his two primary constituents; the client & the client's customers?"
- Sai Nagesh, GM, Maximize - 7/8/2002
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- CVL Srinivas, COO-North&South, Madison Media - 6/24/2002


"The views expressed are personal views of the author and not necessarily represent the views of the organisation author works for or of exchange4media.com."

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