Zoom to unveil a new Channel ID 'Martini'

Zoom to unveil a new Channel ID 'Martini'

Author | Preeti Jadhav | Friday, Apr 08,2005 8:42 AM

Zoom to unveil a new Channel ID 'Martini'

On the near successful completion of six months, Zoom will be unveiling its new channel identity (ID). The lifestyle and entertainment channel claims an all India connectivity of 59 per cent and an average weekly reach of 27 per cent (TAM: CS AB 15-34, HSM 1mn+, Feb 27 - March 26, 2005). It looks like the high decibel marketing activity around the channel has managed to pay off well.

To keep the buzz alive, a new channel ID called 'Martini,' has been created which is in line with the original ID. Apurva Purohit, COO, Zoom, said, "We have been receiving a lot of positive feedback on the look and feel and packaging of the channel and also we are constantly working towards upgrading the same. We thought this was the right time to bring in freshness. We are also doing well on the revenue front with 60 plus advertises on board."

As the channel also gears up to launch their first daily based on a reality format show in a couple of month's time, a new series of marketing buzz will be created around it encompassing the new identity. 'Martini' is a 15-second promo spot which will be played after every half hour show unlike 'Isko dekho' which will be played every hour. The new ID belongs to the family of main channel identity 'Isko Dekho'.

Shailindra Kaul, Head of On-Air Promotions and Packaging, Zoom, said, "This new ID is another off shoot of the already established one. Maintaining the same look and style, Martini has the elements from the earlier ID however the focus this time round is more on the lifestyle and lounge feel."

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