Zoom gears up to be an urban mass channel

Zoom gears up to be an urban mass channel

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 17,2006 7:04 AM

Zoom gears up to be an urban mass channel

Zoom has been in the news for various reasons of late – almost a brand new management team, new initiatives on the channel that aren’t completely conforming to the style and glamour quotient, but aiming to keep the high-end mass sensitivity and some good GRPs to show. Zoom officials believe that it is time to move to the next level now, which would broaden into a more mass space and yet not beyond urban tastes.

Some of the recent changes in the channel’s top management saw Suresh Bala taking over the reigns as CEO, directly reporting to Vineet Jain. Sunil Sahjwani was given the complete creative responsibility having been appointed the Chief Creative Officer, while Vikram Thukral was brought in to look after Zoom’s distribution, making distribution the only function where the channel joined forces with sister channel, Times Now.

The channel’s National Sales Head, M K Anand, who has recently been given Zoom’s marketing responsibilities as well, informed that while some of the recent shows were working for the channel and there was support of the new management, the channel had decided to shift to a higher gear. He said, “We are more in the niche space, but we want to be a channel that can give the numbers as well and that is the way forward.”

Anand further said, “Weekly GRPs are really not an indicator of how well a channel has done – numbers have to be consistent, showing the right trend and over a substantial period of time and that is what we have seen for the past three months. But what you are going to see in days to come is a completely different channel.”

He wasn’ ready to divulge much on what he thought clicked with the Indian audience in this space, but he was clear that Zoom would continue to play in the premium space. Speaking on a broader point, he said, “Television in India is changing to a level where the second group of channels, which may not be the high number channels are also finding an important place and growing.”

“Nonetheless, we believe that Zoom wants to get in the space of a premium channel with numbers. To draw a comparison may be in the same way that we have newspapers today – there is a Times of India, which is a premium product and has numbers to show too,” observed Anand.

He divulged that the thrust on the content in regards to sponsored entertainment and event might double up in the next line of plans. At the same time, the channel would have highly niche shows to maintain the premiumness of the content as well. “You have to strike a balance between the two – those aren’t really niche and the high end one as well – that will make the offering complete,” added Anand.

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