Zone Reality lines up four new shows

Zone Reality lines up four new shows

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, May 16,2007 9:13 AM

Zone Reality lines up four new shows

Zone Reality, the 24-hour channel dedicated to real-life programming, has launched an interesting line of shows that cut across many genres including rescue and survival, crime and human interest. The four new shows launched are ‘Treasure Island: Couples at War’, ‘Weirdest Phobias’, ‘Saving Life and Limb’, and ‘Prison Week’.

Talking about the new shows, Flecka Picardo, Marketing Director, Zonemedia, said, “Improvisation of subject matter is our unique characteristic. We are constantly looking at diverse subjects so that we can strengthen our programming range. We ensure that the programming treatment with respect to all our shows is such that the real life elements override in each of them,” Zonemedia owns and operates Zone Reality.

‘Treasure Island: Couples at War’ sees couples pitted against other couples in a fierce elimination based game show on a remote uninhabited island. Eight abandoned couples embark on a 10-week mission to uncover a crashed plane’s missing cargo, the missing crew and the secret of Treasure Island. The couples must survive inhospitable conditions, team challenges, chief challenges, elimination challenges and each other, as they work to piece together the treasure map. This show has been on air since May 7 at 6.55 pm on weekdays, and will continue till May 18.

‘Weirdest Phobias’ follows three people as they battle to overcome their absurd irrational fears of perfectly harmless objects. One of them is Sue, who has a phobia of knees. The show follows Sue as she invites a therapist into her home to help her overcome her fear. The show will be aired on May 19 at 8.10 pm.

‘Saving Life and Limb’ portrays the stories of individuals who suffered traumatic amputations but were fortunate enough to have their limbs reattached thanks to medical science, quick thinking by friends and family and a big dose of luck. The programme will be aired on May 20 at 8.10 pm.

‘Prison Week’ profiles three women awaiting execution, each convicted of committing murder. This programme dramatically retells their stories and examines the contradiction between the feminine, maternal and loving aspects of womanhood, with the horrible, rage-filled murders they committed. The show will premiere on May 28 and will be aired till June 1 in the 9.55 pm time slot.

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