Zee’s Kkalpes Patel VJ Banega Kya? looking for 5 new faces

Zee’s Kkalpes Patel VJ Banega Kya? looking for 5 new faces

Author | Rummana Ahmed | Saturday, Feb 05,2005 8:27 AM

Zee&#8217;s <i>Kkalpes Patel VJ Banega Kya</i>? looking for 5 new faces

Zee Music’s VJ Hunt, Kkalpes Patel VJ Banega Kya? is looking for five new faces on its channel. The auditions will be held in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata from February 7 and will be on air as 15-minute fillers from February-end. There will be 16 finalists, four from each city and viewers will vote and chose their favourite five among them.

Now, if you are wondering who Kkalpes Patel is, well, he is a comic and irritating character on the show who is trying to distract the participants. The message is if you don’t want him to become your VJ then you have to vote for your favourites. The 16 finalists will be groomed in Mumbai and will be individually hosting the live show Suniyore.

Asked how they are planning to promote the show, Bharat Ranga, Business Head, Zee Music, said, “We are not planning a marketing extravaganza around the show. It is meant to attract the participants more than the viewers. But we will obviously try to get eyeballs for the programme when the 16 finalists anchor the live show and the viewers get to decide the winners.”

So, will this talent hunt also be like the other reality shows on air? Ranga said, “The treatment of this show is different. This is definitely a reality show where the participants will be hosting a live show. The participants are not celebrities so we are not showing other aspects of their life and the grooming sessions.”

Since Zee Music targets the Hindi speaking market, it is essential that the participants speak good Hindi. Zee Music had also done a VJ Hunt last year. Seven VJs were selected at the hunt called Apun Ka VJ Kaun? Though the auditions were held only in Delhi and Mumbai, yet the response to the show was good as about 450 participants came for the auditions.

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