Zee TV’s first ‘Thursday Premiere’ makes a good start

Zee TV’s first ‘Thursday Premiere’ makes a good start

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Oct 21,2002 7:19 AM

Zee TV’s first ‘Thursday Premiere’ makes a good start

Zee TV’s first salvo in the form of ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’, aired on Thursday 10th October, seems to have brought cheers (viewers) to the channel. In its quest to challenge the leader Star Plus during the prime time slot, Zee has, to start with at least managed to surge ahead of the number 2, Sony TV, though only by a whisker. Recent ratings released by TAM indicate a 100% plus jump in TVRs during the 9-10 pm slot on Thursday.

Though a question mark on whether the trend will continue remains but with the line up of movies Zee has for the next few months, it might not be all that difficult at least during this duration.

A look at the data and one can see the gains made by Zee. For the purpose of our analysis we looked at 10 city data (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Kanpur, Ludhiana, MahRest, UP Rest, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad) for the TG of 15-44/F/Sec ABC. We selected two time bands, 9-10 pm and 9-12 pm.

10 city data, TG: 15-44 Yrs, Females, Sec ABC

As can be seen from the chart above, TVRs during the 9-10 pm slot for all 10 markets combined rose from 2.37% to 5.29%, a healthy jump of 123%. Whats important to note is that for the first time in months, Zee has managed to surge ahead of Sony, though only by a whisker, on a weekday in the 9-10 pm slot. Looked at from a wider angle, Zee had been recording abysmally low TVRs of 1% or there abouts during the weeks preceding week 39. Touching 5% plus TVR from that level within a span of just 3 weeks surely indicates some early success for the channel.

What’s also more important to note is that rival Sony’s most reliable programming has been in the 9-10 slot through two programmes, Kkusum and Kutumb. With Sony recently announcing replacing these two programmes on Friday with the newly launched Devi, the Thursday 9-10 slot too now looks in the danger being lost.

Mumbai, the city of fortunes

The biggest gains, it seems were made in Mumbai where the channel recorded a 172% gain over previous week upstaging Star Plus and coming almost within touching distance of Sony. Chart below indicates the gains/losses made by the three channels.

Whereas Zee saw TVRs rising from 2.76% to 7.5% over one week, Star and Sony both had TVRs falling 68% and 29% respectively.

Since the movie was aired over a 3-hour band, we looked at ratings for the entire slot. Though Zee shows gains through out the entire 3-hour duration but the gap between the channel and Star is much higher, possibly on account of the strong programming Star has during the 10 - 11:30 pm band. Also the gain made by Zee vis a vis Sony is much pronounced again on account of the relatively weaker programming Sony has after 10 pm.

Channel shares too have shown similar trends with Zee recording a high of 17%, up from the 5% range during the preceding weeks.

Media watchers point out to the fact that movies, if promoted well get good ratings irrespective of the channel and though Zee has made a good start the difficult part will be to keep viewers hooked on once they run out of the recently acquired movies.

No denying that fact but for a channel that has been struggling for a better part of two years to regain viewer interest after a few false starts, this surely is an encouraging sign.

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