Zee TV to launch a new comedy show at 8 PM

Zee TV to launch a new comedy show at 8 PM

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Mar 31,2004 6:05 AM

Zee TV to launch a new comedy show at 8 PM

Eight PM slot is where Zee TV is planning to launch Hum Sab Baraati – a comedy that revolves around a family of wedding planners. This slot was earlier occupied by Aandhi – a Chausath Panne story that was later spun into a full-fledged serial.

When asked about the decision to stop airing Aandhi, Sunil Khanna, President, Zee TV, responds: “It had reached its natural end, it is not that the serial is being pulled off the air mid way.”

With Hum Sab Baraati, Zee TV hopes to bring back the charm of Hum Paanch — the longest running comedy-based family soap. The 8-PM slot was thought of as the perfect time for a comic soap. “Market research reflected the need at the slot. And, need for a good comedy on the channel was felt. Evening 8 o’ clock is the right slot when viewers enjoy lighter shows in early prime time and then serious soaps and other such shows are placed where more involvement from the viewers is required,” says Khanna.

The hopes, as stated, are a plenty from the new show. As Khanna elucidates: “Hum Sab Baraati” has all the ingredients of being a successful comedy show. Keeping in mind the multi-combination of the audiences we cater to, we planned to very carefully develop expertise on multi-genre programming. Hum Sab Baraati is filled with spicy characters, which are interconnected with each other, and they create lot of possibilities for a hilarious comedy to tickle the ribs no end.”

The show would be followed by a new story in Chausath Panne, Lavanaya.

Being asked if Khanna has done a SWOT analysis of the channel over the last couple of months, and has a strategy planned on that basis, he says, “Though the channel has popular programmes like Astitva, when it comes to ratings, we can’t really call them impressive. Need is not to launch good shows but to bring more viewers to the channel.”

And, what does he plan to do about it — are there any big shows on the cards? “Couple of other launches are planned but we would talk about them close to the launch schedule. An important need is to tell viewers that there are a number of good shows on the channel. We have spruced up our marketing team and we are focusing on innovative and effective marketing. A lot of impetus would be there on ground activities,” says Khanna.

Will the channel’s determined march this time round, under a new President, reach the desired destination — we will have to wait and see.

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