Zee TV brands afternoon slots for women

Zee TV brands afternoon slots for women

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Jun 17,2004 7:57 AM

Zee TV brands afternoon slots for women

If one thought ‘India’s Best’ saw Zee TV in one of its most aggressive form, the channel has planned to offer something more. Zee TV has completely branded its afternoon slot. “We are trying an unprecedented concept of presenting a woman’s magazine on television in the form of Zee Woman,” expresses Sunil Khanna, President, Zee Telefilms.

Zee Woman launches on July 12, 2004, from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm. Khanna explains that this television magazine will be inclusive of all that a magazine includes with features and tips, playing the role of a woman’s friend. The channel has introduced new programmes in the block, interspersed with capsules on various tips, which a woman needs and is interested in. Khanna explains, “We are looking at injecting interesting information in small segments revolving on aspects like beauty, interiors, cookery, good house-keeping and latest style and fashion.”

At 12.30, the channel is launching a new show called ‘Reth’. The 30-minute daily would be aired from Monday to Thursday. Based on a middle class family, it is the story of a woman's fight to win back her honour after being gang-raped. There are two new shows planned for 1.00 pm and 1.30 pm as well, “There is still time to talk about those.” Khanna smiles. The channel will continue with ‘Piya Ka Ghar’ and ‘Astitva’ repeats.

Teaser ads for the new band are already on the channel. Explaining more on the reasons behind Zee Woman, Khanna elucidates, “This is a result of extensive research and the need to present the programme in a different manner. Studying the profile of the afternoon viewer, we picked the shows. But shows keep coming in any case. We wanted to present it in an interesting format as well.”

Clearly focussed on the housewife, the channel completes the branding with a special pink and blue coloured logo for ‘Zee Woman’. As per Khanna, it is the packaging of the block that has created interest amongst the advertisers. Says he, “This concept has not been tried on television before and it is all done in a very interesting manner. The advertisers have expressed keen interest and soon we will be ready to speak about who is sponsoring the segment.”

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