Zee TV beats other channels in New Year programming

Zee TV beats other channels in New Year programming

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Jan 12,2005 7:53 AM

Zee TV beats other channels in New Year programming

Mass entertainment channels were all geared up for New Year programming and going by the ratings, the channel that did the best was Zee TV. The channel’s decision to air the finale of Temptations on the New Year eve has paid off.

Beginning with numbers, TAM Media Research shows that for the target CS 4+ in the Hindi speaking market, looking at the channel shares, STAR Plus commands a share of 11.52 on the New Year eve. Sony Entertainment Television throws 9.96 and Sahara One has a 3.81 per cent rating. Amongst all these, Zee TV has the highest share of 16.2 per cent.

Even if programme ratings are seen, while STAR’s ‘Hum Bhi Hai Josh Mein’ throws 2.66 and Sony’s ‘Aap Jaisa Koi…’ gives 1.9, Zee’s Temptation 2004 delivers 4.29.

Commenting on these figures, Abhijit Saxena, President, ZEE TV, shares, “We wanted the finale to coincide with the New Year Eve. Audience was already waiting for the final concert and the New Year is just the best time one could pick. Any sort of promotion always contributes to a programme and for this show, apart from the on-air promos we used various other ways like curtain raiser and related programming as well. We are very happy with the numbers.”

Looking at ‘Temptation 2004’ itself, the show hasn’t initial numbers very high. Is Zee happy with these as well? “Yes,” replies Saxena, “These episodes have a function and these evidently executed theirs. In any case, in shows like these it is the finale that rates the highest. We expected this.”

“This reinforces the theory that programming rules,” states PRP Nair, Vice President, Media Direction, “In other factors like connectivity etc, Zee enjoys a good position, in comparison to other channels. The fact that here Zee manages a figure, which is higher than others, evidently shows that Zee would throw good numbers with right programming.”

Pradeep Iyengar, Vice President, Carat Media, has another reason, “Shah Rukh Khan is a crowd puller. This was a Shah Rukh show unlike any other New Year programming and it has delivered. Zee had done a good built up considering this is the finale of Temptations 2004 and the idea worked in their favour.”

A point that Nair seconds, “They were clear in what they wanted.” Taking the numbers in consideration again, Zee TV was quite focussed in what it wanted for the New Year eve and whether it maintains this focus in 2005 would be an interesting watch.

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