Zee TV’s game show ‘Kam Ya Zyaada’ up to a slow start, reveal TAM figures

Zee TV’s game show ‘Kam Ya Zyaada’ up to a slow start, reveal TAM figures

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jan 02,2006 7:18 AM

Zee TV’s game show ‘Kam Ya Zyaada’ up to a slow start, reveal TAM figures

Zee TV’s big ticket game show, ‘Kam Ya Zyaada’, has opened to a slow start as far as TAM Media Research numbers are concerned. Coming in the 10.00 pm slot, three days a week, the property is facing some fierce competition and ratings are reflecting this.

Looking at TAM numbers, for the TG C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, the show opened to 1.93, moving to 1.25 and then 0.9 in the first week. The second week throws a lesser average with episode ratings of 0.94, 1.16 and 0.97. For the media fraternity, the property at present isn’t giving much to speak about. Said Manoj Malkani, Group Head, Broadcast Investments, Starcom, “It is a very slow beginning and this might not be the best thing for a game show.”

Pradeep Iyengar, VP, Carat Media, opined on similar lines, “At present, the trend of ratings is fluctuating with a tilt on the down side. The channel has and is investing much energies behind the show and I would say that we would see some result of this. But yes, these aren’t great opening numbers.”

Both professionals pointed out that Zee TV had made much marketing noise around the show and some innovative ways of using ‘Kam’ and ‘Zyaada’ also came to the fore like ‘Paani Kam, Doodh Zyaada’ boards on milk centres and so on. Despite that, the opening numbers of the show aren’t too high.

“The sampling of the show itself hasn’t been too high,” pointed Iyengar, adding, “Typically, you see a show lose some numbers after the first episode, and in this case, the first episode itself didn’t have much. But then again, you cannot really predict a format show. For all you know, it might pick up going forward, given the channel is still putting its might behind the show.”

Malkani also drew attention to the 10.00 pm slot competition, “The slot has shows ‘Kasautii Zindagi Kay’ and ‘Jassi…’ on other channels. It might have been a good idea to bring a differentiated format for the slot here, but it still means that the channel is facing shows with high loyalties – it isn’t so easy to shift habits here or even create a new audience for that matter – that would take its time.”

Zee officials weren’t available for comments at the time of filing the story. However, industry word is that the channel has planned quite a few initiatives to further spruce the show, supported with continual marketing initiatives. It would be interesting to see if Zee TV can manage to turn the show around with forthcoming endeavours.

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