Zee reaps good ratings from India’s Best

Zee reaps good ratings from India’s Best

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 19,2004 8:00 AM

Zee reaps good ratings from India’s Best

Zee’s latest initiative, ‘India’s Best – Cinestars Ki Khoj’, has opened on good numbers for the channel. Channel officials explain that while they are satisfied with the number, they expect more in the weeks to come.

India’s Best has been one of the most spoken-of properties from Zee TV. In a time when, most channels announced some kind of talent hunt, what worked in Zee’s favour is that the channel has been the first to wrap its on-ground activities and air the show.

The show is placed in its weekend Friday and Saturday slot. For CS 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, the show has opened to a figure of 2.15, which increased to 2.5 in the second episode.

“We are very happy with the numbers,” expresses Ashish Kaul, Vice President, Corporate Brand Development, Essel Group, “The show was conceived for various purposes. With the ground activity, it took Zee to the masses. With the cities we were in and added the spill over, we have literally targeted all over India. Now these viewers will come on screen to watch their city’s participants. From that point, the show is a unique platform that brings the nation together.”

Kaul says that he expects the show to deliver larger numbers in the weeks to come, “The show is evolving. We have made it more interactive where viewers can participate through SMS. They can send messages on who their favourite participants are and if these people win, the viewer gets a chance to be on the show’s finale in Mumbai. That way, this is an incentive for the viewer.”

The industry too seems to agree with him. Nandini Dias, Vice President, Lodestar Media, expresses, “These are good numbers. They are higher than any other show on the channel now. More importantly, I think these numbers will catch on going forward because this is an interesting format.”

Gautam Rajgopal, Manager, Broadcast Investment, Starcom Worldwide, thinks on similar lines, “While these are good numbers, we are hoping the ratings would move up the ladder in days to come.”

Speaking more on the timeslot, she says, “I think this is a good strategy. Weekend is a space where there is still substantially flirt audience. They would like to tune into a format like this.”

Where Kaul expresses that the show should work its way to ratings in the region of five to 10, Dias too thinks that five does seem to be a fair space where the show will play in the weeks to come.

The show has worked for the channel and perhaps the fact that its one of the first talent hunt properties to be aired worked in its favour. And whether the numbers would increase as the channel expects will be known soon.

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