Zee promotes ‘Dance India Dance’ on a huge scale

Zee promotes ‘Dance India Dance’ on a huge scale

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Saturday, Apr 24,2010 9:01 AM

Zee promotes ‘Dance India Dance’ on a huge scale

‘Lux Dance India Dance’, the home-grown dance show on Zee has turned out to be quite a hit. The brand, which is now two years old, has become quite popular with the audience and has gained a substantial viewer base. To promote this show and create a better connect, Zee had carried out various marketing activities spanning both online and offline spaces.

One of the activities that was undertaken by the channel was organising a Dance Carnival. This dance carnival was held at Worli Sea Face on Mumbai on Sunday, April 18. This carnival gave viewers the opportunity to meet with the dance masters. The carnival also saw the final four participants perform live in front of the masses.

In a bid to strengthen the brand in the urban markets and appeal more to the male viewers, the channel also strengthened its presence online. ‘Dance India Dance’ made its presence felt on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There were also some applications developed just to add more interactivity between the users and the programme, for instance, the ‘Grand Master MithunDa Dance Personality Quiz’. The profiles of the ‘Dance India Dance’ contestants were created so that they could connect with the viewers. The channel claimed that within 19 days of promoting these pages, they had over 20,000 fans signing up.

The show also has a channel on YouTube, where the best acts from ‘Dance India Dance’ are uploaded.

During the final phase of the show, to encourage the audiences to vote for their favourite contestants, there was a ‘vertical flap’ innovation that was done in The Times of India read in a way that it read ‘The Dance of India’.

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