Zee News opinion poll underscores NDA strength

Zee News opinion poll underscores NDA strength

Author | Ranjana Gupta | Saturday, Apr 17,2004 8:19 AM

Zee News opinion poll underscores NDA strength

Opinion poll is flavour of the season. And with the General elections fast approaching, there is widespread eagerness to know who could possibly breast the tape. According to an opinion conducted by Zee News in partnership with Ahmedabad-based research group Taleem, the NDA is expected to get 269-277 seats, the Congress 184-190 seats, the Left Front 30-42 seats and others 56-58 seats.

Party-wise, the BJP is expected to get 185–199 seats with 25 per cent votes while the Congress is estimated to win 154–158 seats with 22 per cent votes.

Describing the processes that underlined the opinion poll, Alka Saxena, Head Programming, Zee News, told exchange4media.com that the research group covered over 13,000 voters, 65 parliamentary constituencies, 23 states and two Union Territories. A circular random sampling technique was used.

These polls give people a fair idea about the mindset of people across the country. For example, people living in Punjab get an idea what people in Kerala have to say about the competition between NDA and the Congress, she said.

When questioned about the authenticity of these polls, Saxena said that during the Gujarat elections, held after the Godhra riots, the channel had conducted an opinion poll the results of which were nearly same as the final outcome.

“A thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis is done before the results are flashed to the viewers and the channel does not intend to influence peoples mind by the opinion poll results. Instead this is a regular exercise,” she said.

Coming to the some of the other key results of the poll, 40 per cent of the people surveyed were convinced that Rahul Gandhi’s entry in politics bodes well for the Congress. But 14 per cent disagree that he can bring about a change of fortunes for the party while 46 per cent were unable to arrive at a conclusion.

Regarding election issues, infrastructure and water facilities continue to get top priority with 82 per cent.

Interestingly, there was very little for the BJP to ‘Feel Good’ about as per the polls since only 28 per cent of the people were familiar with the term while a whopping 72 per cent remained oblivious to the campaign.

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