Zee gives one more reason to Smile with ‘Fool Too Pagal Hai’

Zee gives one more reason to Smile with ‘Fool Too Pagal Hai’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Jul 16,2005 8:31 AM

Zee gives one more reason to Smile with ‘Fool Too Pagal Hai’

Zee Smile, India's leading light Hindi general entertainment channel has announced the launch of its latest slapstick comedy, Fool Too Pagal Hai. The show, directed by Ravi Rai, will air Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on the channel. It goes on air from July 18.

Announcing the launch of Fool Too Pagal Hai, Nitin Vaidya, Senior Vice-President, Zee Smile, said, “Zee Smile, which recently became free-to-air, continues to grow in viewers’ rating. This is purely the support of viewers that our channel has received. Fool Too Pagal Hai is a show by Ravi Rai, a highly acclaimed director who has only touched upon sensitive issues so far. Through this show, our viewers will get to see the humorous side of Ravi Rai. We are positive that this show will further strengthen our prime time band."

The show claims to have it in itself to live up to the core of comedy. Woven around the plot of a murder mystery, Fool Too Pagal Hai boasts of being strongly script-oriented, notwithstanding outstanding performances. While the characters in the show are stupid to the core, they are also young at heart.

The cast comprises a Bengali hotelier (Banerjee), a Punjabi filmmaker (Chheda), and a Don (Lion). A situational comedy, Fool Too Pagal Hai deals with Chheda, who is a filmmaker, but knows nothing about filmmaking. Don Lion wants Chheda killed so that he can become the most dreaded don in the city; while Banerjee is a complete miser, who has rented out his hotel to Chheda for the shooting of his film. All these characters create complete havoc and a laugh riot justifying the title, Fool Too Pagal Hai!

It, however, remains to be seen whether Fool Too Pagal Hai succeeds in tickling the funny bone of the audience, holding its own amidst numerous comedy shows. Well, the final verdict rests with the audience, of course.

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