Zee Cine Awards: 'the objective of the event is beyond numbers'

Zee Cine Awards: 'the objective of the event is beyond numbers'

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 11,2005 7:09 AM

Zee Cine Awards: 'the objective of the event is beyond numbers'

Zee Cine Awards, which was a simulcast on three channels this year, has kept with the trend that awards have shown. Like the awards so far, the numbers, which cumulatively are at 4.42, are marginally lower than the 4.93 last year. However, for the channel, the objective of the event is beyond numbers.

On the flagship channel Zee TV, the rating is 3.1; Zee Cinema and Zee Music deliver a rating of 1.24 and 0.08 respectively. According to Zee's Corporate Development Head, Ashish Kaul, the numbers are 'decent' but the property was never about numbers for the organisation. "Zee Cine Awards, as a brand, has consistently grown over a decade. The property has helped enhance Zee's presence on a global level. The Indian audience today isn't just watching the Indian awards. He is also watching an Emmy's, an Oscar's - he is the global viewer and that changes the game considerably. Zee Cine Awards is serving a purpose at that level."

According to the channel, Zee Cine aims at enhancing all the brands from the Zee family in countries like Dubai and UK and adding to the overall brand value. Giving a perspective on what the media fraternity thinks of the numbers and the simulcast strategy, Jasmin Sohrabji, President, MediaCom, said, "The numbers are fine but I don't agree with the three-channel strategy that the channel adopted on this. While it makes sense to have a Zee Cinema, as the channel has a substantial loyal base, a third channel was not required."

A point that Pradeep Iyengar, VP, Carat Media agrees with. He said, "It has divided the revenue for the channel. The objective of the simulcast would be to get a mix of differentiated audience on the property. Even from that point of view, Zee Music could have still been avoided."

Iyengar further commented on the marketing of the show, "The show was largely marketed on Zee Channels and there was some amount of outdoor around it. It really couldn't make a lot of noise around it. However, given that and the fact that awards per se are delivering lower, these are decent numbers."

Both experts pointed out that awards are losing ground today, due to the availability of too many of them. "The novelty factor is disappearing," said Sohrabji, further adding on the changing role that awards play for a channel now, "Earlier, it was a distinct objective of increasing the sampling of the channel by different kinds of audience. However, now it is more of an additional revenue-generating stream for mainstream channels."

Awards might not be losing their sheen on the whole but so far, the trends show that lesser people are watching it now, despite the increase in efforts around various aspects of the property. There still is time to see how the forthcoming awards like the Viewer's Choice Awards and the IIFA awards perform now.

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