Zee ‘Smiles’ at the 9X teaser campaign

Zee ‘Smiles’ at the 9X teaser campaign

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Oct 24,2007 8:36 AM

Zee ‘Smiles’ at the 9X teaser campaign

Differentiation can be tough in the broadcast space, and 9X has realised that much before the channel has launched. The Hindi general entertainment channel from the INX Media group has recently unveiled its teaser campaigns. In the present state, the core idea of the campaign revolves on a ‘before-after’ situation, wherein the people used in the campaign are either nine times brighter or nine times younger after the use of 9X. 9X is so far just shown as a product since this is only the first stage of the campaign. The creative agency is Meridian.

It is just a weekend since the campaign was launched, and Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) is already reminding people of the campaign that FCB Ulka had done for Zee Smile in 2005. The core idea of that campaign, too, was a ‘before-after’ situation, wherein people were shown feeling happier and fresher after using Zee Smile, which, too, was shown as a product, instead of a channel in the campaign.

Meridian doesn’t believe that these campaign ideas are similar in nature. Rensil D’Souza, Creative Head, Meridian, said, “The campaign ideas are not at all similar in nature. Ours is a teaser and a reveal, and more importantly, we are stressing on the campaign thought of being nine times better.” Elaborating further on the differences in the two campaigns, he said, “The whole strategic and creative thought of being nine times better is what separates it from any other media campaign. What bigger difference do you need?”

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman and National Creative, O&M India, added here, “I don't even know of a channel called Zee Smile, and I have never seen or heard of this media campaign ever.”

Nitin Vaidya, at present the Director, Regional Channels, ZEEL, who was then heading Zee Smile, said, “This is an old idea for a new channel, and I am just delighted that someone has worked on the same idea two years after we had. Whatever the thought process of the 9X campaign was, similar kinds of creative have come out of it. This just goes to show that Zee Network manages to leave its stamp everywhere.”

He added, “I don’t accuse anyone of copying, but this is the impact of a brand called Zee. Zee Smile has done well for itself in the genre that it is in, and we must’ve done some good work for our ideas that were used then, to resurface like this now.”

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