Yet another comeback: ‘Hum Paanch’ returns on Zee weekends from November 5

Yet another comeback: ‘Hum Paanch’ returns on Zee weekends from November 5

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Oct 25,2005 8:37 AM

Yet another comeback: ‘Hum Paanch’ returns on Zee weekends from November 5

It is the season of shows making a return on television, and one big name now is ‘Hum Paanch’. Coming after five years, this is perhaps the only Ekta Kapoor venture at present that doesn’t begin with a ‘K’. The show is slated to go on air from November 5, 2005 in the 8.00 pm slot on Zee weekends.

‘Hum Paanch’ has been one of the few successful attempts on the television at comedy and had delivered very well for the channel. The new avatar sees the return of most of the key characters with some added elements.

“It has been five years, so we have made that kind of changes in the show as well with the elder sisters being married. It has allowed us also to play with more on the show,” said Ashvini Yardi, Head, Programming, Zee TV.

The Indian television domain isn’t really known for shows making a comeback with all new episodes. Game shows like ‘KBC 2’ have shown that there is no reason why the return of a successful property can’t be successful, but will the same apply for a soap?

“You wouldn’t know until you have found out,” replied Yardi. “More importantly, this is a great show. Too many people have told us that they have appreciated the show and that we should get it back on the channel. Why we got it back is quite the combination of these reasons – popular demand and the fact that it is a great show that has space for today’s television as well.”

The marketing around the show isn’t going to be too elaborate. “How do you market something that is already established with the viewer,” asked Tarun Mehra, Head, Marketing, Zee TV. “The show has been an enormous success, and even today, has many who fall in its fan following. We are not doing anything drastic around the show that needs to be done when one has to inform the viewer of a new property. We are just announcing the fact that the property is back,” he added.

The channel is making noise around the show across Zee channels and in addition has taken outdoor and print space as well. More activities around the show will be seen in the Diwali period.

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