WPP considers defamation proceedings against NDTV

WPP considers defamation proceedings against NDTV

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Thursday, Aug 23,2012 7:06 PM

WPP considers defamation proceedings against NDTV

WPP has finally made a statement in context to the NDTV lawsuit that the news broadcaster had filed against TAM Media Research, its parent companies Kantar and Nielsen and against WPP amongst other named defenders. The lawsuit was filed in a New York State Court on July 26, 2012.

The WPP statement said, “In the light of recent media comment, WPP feels it is appropriate to comment on the recent hypothetical lawsuit (the ‘hypothetical lawsuit’), said to have been issued in New York, by New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV) against WPP and other parties.”

Despite comments in the media to the contrary, the hypothetical lawsuit has not, as of today, been served on WPP, nor on any of WPP's operating companies (the ‘WPP Parties’), referred to in the hypothetical lawsuit.

The statement also said, “In any event, there is no merit, whatsoever, in any of the claims made in the hypothetical lawsuit relating to the WPP Parties, nor do the courts of New York have any jurisdiction to hear any such claims.”

Despite the lack of any valid service, the WPP Parties are in the process of issuing an immediate application to strike out the hypothetical lawsuit and will be seeking their costs in so doing.

In the light of these circumstances, WPP is also giving “active consideration to issuing proceedings against NDTV for defamation and has instructed its lawyers accordingly.”

The statement goes on to say that the legal issues aside, TAM Media Research (TAM) which is a joint venture between AC Nielsen Research Services and Kantar Market Research Services, is proud of the service it has been delivering to the market for 14 years, and the way in which investment in technology has been applied to the service.

“As recent developments indicate, TAM is committed to working with the industry to continuously improve the use of technology, coverage and transparency. TAM has taken and continues to take stringent measures to protect the panel against repeated attempts at tampering by currently unknown parties and has recently agreed a series of additional steps with the industry to remove any question marks about the quality and reliability of the TAM data,” quoted the statement.

It may be recalled that in its lawsuit, NDTV had asked for USD 580 million for negligence, a minimum of USD 810 million for fraud, hence a minimum of USD 1.3 billion, and other charges against this complaint.

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