When it’s cricket, you never really know: Team India delivers sixes for Videocon Cup

When it’s cricket, you never really know: Team India delivers sixes for Videocon Cup

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Nov 07,2005 7:03 AM

When it’s cricket, you never really know: Team India delivers sixes for Videocon Cup

The Videocon Cup may not have been a property many would have been looking out for, given India’s performances before the series. But the first two matches have managed to attract some positive feedback. Media experts feel that for this tournament, it only gets better from here.

The Videocon Cup matches between India and Sri Lanka are being simulcast on DD Sports and DD1. TAM Media Research data show that the first match on October 25 delivered a rating of 3 for DD Sports and 2.7 on DD 1 for the C&S 15+ in the all-India market. Cumulatively, the number is 5.71, which increases in the male TG. The second match on October 28 rated a 3.78 on DD Sports and 3.27 on DD 1 – in all giving a rating of 7.05 in the CS 15 + TG. This increases to an 8+ in the male TG.

Media experts have a mixed bag of responses to offer on these numbers. Sandip Tarkas, CEO, Media Direction, said, “For the first match, when people might not have been expecting too much and there is still channel adjusting by cable operators, a rating of 5+ is good but the progress of the tournament should have seen more come in the second match. This number is a little below expectations.”

For Nandini Dias, VP, Lodestar Media, the matches themselves were “25 per cent below a good match”. She said, “The tournament hasn’t touched the height that a good series including India does. So the expectation from the match was not high and these numbers, from that point of view, is completely as per expectations.”

Presenting a slightly different point, C V L Srinivas, MD, Maxus, observed, “These are very good numbers and the best thing about this tournament is that from here, it is only set to increase.” A point that Tarkas agrees with but Dias doesn’t – indicating the unpredictable nature of this property.

Despite this, what all concerned agree on is that cricket is still the property for impact. “You can’t beat it on that count,” said Tarkas. “There isn’t anything else that gives you a pan India coverage with so many eyeballs at one go.” Srinivas agreed, stating, “If you take the instance of this game, it is a very good buy. For sponsors of the property, cricket can yield some very good results.”

“It is a good medium to get to the male audience. Otherwise to build numbers like these over various properties can take its time!” said Dias.

A point made time and again is that cricket is the only property that has seen a disproportionate increase in pricing – the reason being the delivery of the property. But media experts maintain that when used tactfully for certain objectives, cricket delivers.

As far as this tournament goes, after the first two matches, the expectation from the tournament is higher. Even more so perhaps, after Dhoni’s heroics and Agarkar’s return to form. Experts see it crossing the 10-mark - and that, for almost a day, across India, isn’t bad at all.

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