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What's weighing Sony Pal down?

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What's weighing Sony Pal down?

Sony Pal has been in the news from its inception. Quite recently, there were media reports of the channel axing shows and even rumours of Multi Screen Media (MSM) shutting down the channel. The channel was quick to quell these rumours and issued a response with the Sony Pal spokesperson saying, “Sony PAL was launched five months ago subsequent to which the channel carried out extensive research. Basis the research channel is in the process of realigning its content strategy. Sony PAL has achieved extensive distribution as a pay channel and will continue to be an important asset for the MSM Network.”

The rumours stemmed from media reports that said the new Hindi GEC in the Multi Screen Media (MSM) basket had announced that it would be revamping their content due to some of the shows that were not successful in attracting the target audience (which is women in HSM SEC B, C, D and E markets). The channel had also cut down its programming content to 4 shows from 9 shows in December that it launched when it had started. The rumours also extended to the channel becoming a free-to-air (FTA) channel from a pay channel after the revamp.     Industry insiders also indicate the channel did not get its communication piece right from the beginning; the audience and trade alike were unclear on the positioning of the channel and the audience it was to cater to.

The performance of its shows too has not managed to take off. According to data sourced from TAM subscribers, Sony Pal’s ratings had reached a high point in week 48 (November 23 – 29, 2014) where it increased to 33 million GVTs from 30 million GVTs in week 47 (November 16 – 22, 2014). It stayed the same a week later (week 49) at 33 million GVTs. However, the following week the ratings of the channel started to fall. In week 50 (December 7 – 13, 2014) it declined to 31 million GVTs from 33 million GVTs the week earlier. Week 51 (December 14 – 20, 2014) saw its ratings plummet to 25 million GVTs from 31 million GVTs the week earlier. A week later (week 52) it further slumped to 23 million GVTs from 25 million GVTs.  

While Sony Pal managed to gain marginally in the following few weeks, the channel has not been able to completely rise. It had increased marginally from week 52 at 23 million GVTs to 26 million GVTs in week 1 of 2015. It was the same a week later where it increased from 26 million GVTs in week 1 to 28 million GVTs in week 2. A week later it had managed to increase marginally to 29 million GVTs in week 3 from 28 million GVTs in week 2. Sony Pal’s ratings during the current week 4 (January 18 – 24, 2015) however had once again declined to 26 million GVTs from 29 million GVTs in week 3 (January 11 -17, 2015).

Most of the remaining shows reflect the channels performance and have not been able to take off. The show Ye Dil Sun Raha Hai in week 48 had increased to 0.27 TVTs from 0.19 TVTs in week 47. However, it declined in the following week 0.20 TVTs in week 49 and further plummeted to 0.13 TVTs in week 50. In week 51 it managed to recover to 0.20 TVTs but once again dipped to 0.16 TVTs in week 52. This decline continued into week 1 as it fell to 0.13 TVTs. In week 2 it recovered to 0.22 TVTs but once again fall back to 0.13 TVTs in week 3.

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi too has seen constant inclines as well as declines. In week 49 it declined to 0.29 TVTs from 0.32 TVTs in week 48. It stayed the same in week 50 at 0.29 TVTs and increased in week 51 to 0.21 TVTs. This was short lived as it once again dropped to 0.17 TVTs in week 52 and managed to grow marginally in week 1 to 0.18 TVTs. Week 2 saw it fall further to 0.15 TVTs, only to rise in week 3 to 0.21 TVTs.

Hamari Sister Didi increased from week 48 at 0.27 TVTs to 0.29 TVTs in week 49. It took a small dip to 0.23 in week 50 and another in week 51 to 0.22 TVTs. Week 52 brought more bad news as it fell to 0.18 TVTs and stayed the same a week later in week 1. Week 2 saw the show’s ratings improve a little to 0.21 TVTs and grow a little more in week 3 0.22 TVTs.

Sinhasan Battisi has been the top rated show for the channel. In week 49 it increased to 0.57 TVTs from 0.51 TVTs in week 48. It slipped to 0.48 TVTs in week 50, further to 0.44 TVTs in week 51 and further to 0.43 TVTs in week 52. It managed to recover in week 1 as it rose to 0.57 TVTs and grow further to 0.67 TVTs in week 2. In week 3 it currently stands marginally higher at 0.68 TVTs.

Dil Hai Chhota Sa Chhoti Si Aasha in week 49 saw a gain in its ratings to 0.26 TVTs from 0.16 TVTs in week 48. A week later it declined to marginally to 0.24 TVTs, but took a large dip in week 51 as ratings fell to 0.18 TVTs. It stayed the same in week 52 at 0.18 TVTs. In week 1 it increased to 0.22 TVTs and marginally increased to 0.23 TVTs in week 2. In week 3 it further increase marginally to 0.24 TVTs.

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