Voicing angst against terrorism, Aaj Tak asks ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’

Voicing angst against terrorism, Aaj Tak asks ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Sep 17,2008 8:28 AM

Voicing angst against terrorism, Aaj Tak asks ‘Aakhir Kab Tak’

The latest blasts in the Capital on September 13 have left everyone shaken and there are growing voices asking ‘for how long will such acts of violence continue’. Joining in the people’s angst, Aaj Tak has launched a special series on terrorism called ‘Puchta Hai Aaj Tak, Aakhir Kab Tak’. The objective of this series is to explore possible solutions to the scourge of terrorism by delving deeper and analysing the issue through a 360-degree perspective.

The special series, which is aired in the prime time of 9 pm, went on air on September 15, will conclude on September 19.

The show is fast-paced and focuses on viewer interaction and participation. ‘Puchta Hai Aaj Tak, Aakhir Kab Tak’ incorporates few short duration news reports, supported by fact sheets, information on past blasts, and the respective actions taken report.

Commenting on the initiative, G Krishnan, CEO and Executive Director, TV Today Network, said, “Being India’s No. 1 news channel, it is our responsibility to forcefully raise issues plaguing our citizens. Terrorism is emerging as a major threat, and we are looking at a 360-degree communication in terms of programming and promotion to involve our viewers and provide them with a credible platform to raise pertinent issues. Our role is to go beyond merely reporting to occupying an active role in a viewer’s life.”

Viewers are encouraged to take part by sharing their views through ballot papers, SMSes and call-ins. The show also talks to prominent people from various walks of life, who discuss ways in which the country can tackle the menace.

Krishnan added, “The show is hosted by our prime time anchors – Ajay Kumar and Abhisaar Sharma. Along with our battery of reporters who have covered all aspects of terror attacks, we have several experts and guests sharing their views.”

Further elaborating on the issues that are focused in each episode, Krishnan said, “Every day one major issue is being discussed, such as inconclusive investigations, and lack of political will, among others. The format is extremely interactive and participative in nature.”

On the campaign, Krishnan said, “Since it is a short, time-based campaign, we wanted to create maximum impact. While our television network provides maximum reach and impact, we have also used outdoor and radio to promote our anti-terror campaign. V&S Advertising is the creative agency that has worked on the campaign with a quick turnaround time.”

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