Vir Sanghvi to host 'Mandate with Destiny' on NewsX

Vir Sanghvi to host 'Mandate with Destiny' on NewsX

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, Apr 04,2014 8:02 AM

Vir Sanghvi to host 'Mandate with Destiny' on NewsX

Soon after a makeover, NewsX is launching a unique new show ‘Mandate with Destiny’ with distinguished journalist and TV show host Vir Sanghvi. 

‘Mandate with Destiny’ is a show that tells the story of the making of modern India through the elections that have shaped our country.

Speaking on the occasion, Kartikeya Sharma, MD, ITV Network, said “We are happy to launch one of its kind show on NewsX. Sanghvi’s understanding of Indian political landscape will provide invaluable insights as he takes us through a momentous journey of the historic elections that shaped modern India. I am confident that the show will generate a huge level of excitement amongst viewers.”

Written and presented by Vir Sanghvi, the show unites archival footage, personal insights and interviews with many of the key players to provide a gripping narrative that makes the complexities of Indian politics instantly accessible.

Commenting on the show, R K Arora, CEO, ITV Network, said, “NewsX election programming DECISION 2014 has been exhaustively covering the key issues, the various battlegrounds and campaign trails. We believe that this show with Sanghvi will add a new dimension to our programming mix and will connect well with both our viewers and advertisers.”

The show host, Vir Sanghvi said “This is a show that takes you behind the scenes and gives you an insider's perspective on Indian elections. It makes the great names of Indian politics - from Indira Gandhi to Narendra Modi come alive and tells you the stories behind the stories.”

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