Vijay TV takes over the Second spot from Sun's own KTV

Vijay TV takes over the Second spot from Sun's own KTV

Author | Roopa Sarah Thomas | Thursday, Sep 19,2002 8:07 AM

Vijay TV takes over the Second spot from Sun's own KTV

With the astounding success of their reality show 'Kathai alla nijam'; Vijay TV has finally managed to take over from KTV, whose position was next to Sun TV. According to Vijay TV officials, the reality show has been receiving close to 20000 call-ins per week. They also add that 'Kavyanjali' their daily soap now enjoys a channel share of 25%.

According to TAM reports, during week 27 while KTV enjoyed Prime Time channel shares [7.30 Pm to 11.00 Pm] of 12.8 in [TG:ABC4+], Vijay had a mere 5.6. However, by week 33, KTV saw a decrease in channel share by 16% with 10.8, and Vijay TV had risen in its channel share by 100% with 11.2.

Similarly Vijay TV took over the Noon Prime channel share as well. In week 27 [ABC 15 + F], while KTV enjoyed a channel share of 5.4, Vijay had a smaller 3.8. But by week 30, the variations had become visible. By week 31, while KTV had a share of 6.1, Vijay TV had risen to 10.9. And by week 33, KTV saw a further decrease in channel share by 13% with 4.7, while Vijay TV increased their channel share with 8.8.

Despite this rise, Vijay TV authorities claim that they are not sitting pretty. With an improved line up of programs and movies, they hope to keep increase viewership and market shares in the process.

With the success of their reality show, viewers will now see "Kathai illa nijam" specials with actor/ director Kamal Hassan and actress Roja. Viewers will also get to watch blockbuster movies like Shah Rukh Khan's 'Asoka', and 'Om' starring Dr Rajsekhar. The channel will also air "Kovil Patti Veerlakshmi" a movie with Simran, which has been slated for release in theatres around Diwali.

With the ongoing success of soaps like Kavyanjali and Agnisakshi, Vijay TV recently started an array of new soaps such as "Sreeraman Sreedevi", "Nee Naan Aval" and "Poo Vilangu". Now the channel has plans of starting a new mega serial to be produced by Abha Vannan.

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