Vijay TV explores different genres in programming

Vijay TV explores different genres in programming

Author | Abitha G. | Monday, Mar 29,2004 5:58 AM

Vijay TV explores different genres in programming

In an effort to get closer to the masses and enhance brand recall, Vijay TV has launched a slew of new programs. Suresh Iyer, Head Programming, Vijay TV, says, “We constantly strive to innovate with the temperament of the second child who screams for attention. We have now explored new genres that follow a pattern of nativity and are well within the social context and psyche of the Tamils.”

Vai Raja Vai, Kutram (Crime), Hello Tamizha, Starudan Oru Naal, Kailvigal Ayiram (Thousand Questions), Makal Yaar Pakkam,( People on whose side) Face to Face are some of the new programs launched recently.

Vai raja Vai is a new game show which starts off on a light vein but with each episode gets closer to the characters who are participating, giving an emotional perspective to their need to compete and their motivation to win the attractive prize money. Iyer says, “ This is a great driver show that makes the masses look at Vijay TV as a brand that is a friend touching the lives of the masses. The game show’s attractive prize money wins has benefited the people in the D and E income groups immensely.”

Kutram is a crime investigation program that provides a clinical perspective to crime, elevating awareness levels and the fact that crime never pays. The program has different segments like court watch, general information for safety etc.

Hello Tamizha in the morning slot is a conversation program with people from different walks of life. Starudan Oru Naal is a Sunday program that showcases a typical day in a celebrity’s life. The celebrity could be a movie star, a writer or other people who have achieved the status of a celebrity in their lives.

Keilvigal Ayiram is an awareness program that takes up various social issues for discussion in the hard talk format with the viewers also calling in to offer opinions. This is a reality driven show telecast during weekday afternoons, targeted at women.

In the election segment Vijay TV has launched shows like Makkal Yaar Pakkam, Face to Face, India Shining and Constituency Watch. Face to Face is an interview show with different segments like candidate profile, open forum etc. Makkal Yaar Pakkam is a discussion show that invites different politicians on board for the discussion. Iyer says, “It has young contemporary anchors who take the program forward with incisive unbiased analysis in an interesting manner.” India Shining takes up general issues for discussion and Constituency Watch give a detailed look at the different constituencies and their status in the current election scenario.

Vijay TV seems to have moved away from regular serial formats concentrating more on reality shows and information oriented programs, which is definitely a refreshing change but one has to wait awhile to see if this experiment in innovation reaps results with mass viewing habits.

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