VH1 in overdrive mode, embarks on its first marketing campaign

VH1 in overdrive mode, embarks on its first marketing campaign

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Jan 11,2006 7:31 AM

VH1 in overdrive mode, embarks on its first marketing campaign

It is action time for VH1, with the channel completing a year on television in India. Now that the music channel has been established among its target audience, the next step is to expand the base and project VH1 as ‘more than just a music channel’. In the process, the channel has launched a marketing campaign around two of its strongest properties – ‘Driven’ and ‘Fabulous Life’ – the first one since its launch.

Keertan Adyanthaya, General Manager, VH1, said that the first year of the channel had been a good one. “We have done well on all counts – be it the appreciation and acceptance of content, getting the right quality eyeballs on the channel, which really is upper end of the spectrum, developing a good relation with this TG and our advertisers, and being on track on factors like distribution and so on,” he added.

He further said that with brand VH1 securing a distinct place with the relevant TG, it was time to go aggressive in speaking to its TG, a factor which had so far been dormant in the VH1 scheme of things. “Amongst other things, we will focus on marketing in 2006, as now the fundamentals of the channel, like distribution, are in place,” Adyanthaya added.

The marketing campaign has been executed across mediums –outdoor, print and on-air promotions on the MTV Network. The channel is also making relevant on-ground noise at youth joints like gyms, saloons and so on.

It may be noted here that VH1 has four to five key properties at present. Elaborating further on the reasons why the channel chose ‘Driven’ and ‘Fabulous Life’, Adyanthaya said, “Primarily due to the content of these shows. Both ‘Driven’ and ‘Fabulous Life’ are more about the lifestyle of celebrities – one before they became the stars that they are and the second about how stars live their life in all their stardom – so in effect, they bring out the lifestyle element, which VH1 is all about. We are more than just a music channel and we are using these properties to drive that point through the channel communication.”

In a recent research that the channel had commissioned IMRB to execute, some aspects of the VH1 viewer that came across revealed that the VH1 viewers include high end consumers who don’t mind spending money on luxury items. Programmes like ‘Fabulous Life’ embody such qualities too.

‘Driven’ and ‘Fabulous Life’ are presented in a narrative format, interspersed with visuals about the celebrity in question – whether it is about the past or the present lifestyles.

Among the other key properties that will be seen on the channel in January 2006 is the second ‘edition’ of Jazz Masters. It may be recalled that ‘Jazz Masters’ was the show that VH1 had launched with, which allows the channel much in terms of ancillary programming in addition to the show itself.

“We are quite excited about the event,” said Adyanthaya, adding, “we are doing much around it in terms of taking the stars to cities like Kolkata for performing and so on. We are the only channel, which gets to do a show at the Gateway of India – that is indicative of the backing the channel has.”

For VH1, 2005 was getting it right with the audience and the advertisers, and the challenge in 2006 is to keep the equation growing strong and strengthening it further.

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