UTV’s new logo gets mixed reactions from media planners

UTV’s new logo gets mixed reactions from media planners

Author | Khushboo Tanna | Tuesday, Jun 15,2010 8:26 AM

UTV’s new logo gets mixed reactions from media planners

To mark its 20th Anniversary, UTV is undergoing a total rebranding across its five verticals – broadcasting, games content, motion pictures, new media and TV. So far, the group has rebranded its gaming companies – UTV Indiagames, UTV True Games and UTV Ignition Games. The media and entertainment group has recently unveiled its new logo, which seeks to give a more vibrant image.

The brand change creatives have been created by Bonsey Design, a Singaporean company, to provide a refreshing and unique foundation. The new brand has been designed to retain the RGB line, which connects to the continuing history of innovative styles in entertainment, while the new logo plays with the RGB lines and is a runner through the ‘UTV’ fonts.

The brand change is meant to support the group’s transition from being a core business model to a B2C (business to consumer) model, building larger connectivity with its existing and prospective audience.

However, the question is how far this rebranding will help a group that already has diverse verticals.

Speaking to exchange4media, Shailesh Velandy, Vice President, Mudra Max, said, “The new logo certainly is more vibrant and contemporary as compared to the old logo. As for UTV’s new look, they may operate from a bare threshold level of promotion limiting to communicating to immediate stakeholders (not including the viewing audience). There is also a lot of room for PR (paid or otherwise). The brand being a media vehicle, the communication to the larger TV audiences can happen with the in-channel promos. This should be done in a manner that generates acceptance from its loyal viewers.”

Hariharan Vishwanath, National Head - Buying, MEC, said that a lot of people were gung ho about the change in the logo, but for him, the channel was about the kind of content it had. He further said, “From a business perspective, a changed logo will represent the kind of audience a channel aims at.”

There is a fair amount of money that goes into the entire rebranding exercise. Is this exercise worth it? In reply Velandy explained, “Investments that go into rebranding should be a function of two key pegs: one is the reason for change, which is whether there is a drastic need for the channel to rebrand vis-à-vis a need to be contemporary; and secondly, the category/ categories that the brand is operating in.”

According to Vishwanath, “Some logos are like gospels and it is best that they remain unaltered. UTV’s old logo was established and people identified with it.”

Like it or not, change is inevitable, and 20 years is a long time. With UTV getting on to diverse platforms and seeking to tap the huge youth market, the vibrant logo is in keeping with the group’s growth plans. It will be interesting to see what changes are made in the content side in the coming days.

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