Two sides of Arnab Goswami, frankly speaking!

Two sides of Arnab Goswami, frankly speaking!

Author | Jwalant Swaroop | Monday, May 12,2014 8:04 AM

Two sides of Arnab Goswami, frankly speaking!

When he speaks English he is aggressive, furious, and ferocious and when he speaks Hindi he is thinking, meek, and humble. Arnab Goswami is certainly India’s best bilingual news anchor.

He interviewed Rahul Gandhi in English and Narendra Modi in Hindi. He did an excellent job in both. He was overpowering in Rahul’s interview and he appeared to be overpowered though by Narendra Modi in the interview.  Either these were two tactical approaches of Arnab, or the situations in both the interview were different.

NaMo’s interview with Arnab, which was also shown on few Hindichannels, was also watched just as much as or may be more as that of Rahul Gandhi’s.

Rahul Gandhi was complete over bowled by Arnab’s aggression and chose not to give any other interview after he did one with Arnab. It was also one of the biggest mistakes of Congress to schedule the interview with Arnab right in the beginning of the poll campaign.  While Modi’s shrewd campaign managers decided to give Modi’s interview only at the fag end of the political campaign and perhaps the last only after gathering sufficient confidence about the poll results.

The two situations were different and so was Arnab’s approach.  Rahul appeared tense in his interview while Modi was relaxed.  Arnab was carefully in playing down himself in the interviewonly to ensure he does not brush Modi on wrong side on sensitive issues. I feel credit goes to Modi as well since he spoke what he chose to spoke, listened to what he chose to listen to and was indifferent on what he chose to be indifferent.

The author is CEO of Oshoyana Consultants.

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