Tube Watch: It’s bounty and bubbly this June

Tube Watch: It’s bounty and bubbly this June

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Tuesday, Aug 09,2005 8:04 AM

Tube Watch: It’s bounty and bubbly this June

Each month the list of highest spending brands on television is an in-house, merry-go-round among a few FMCG brands from the Hindustan Lever stable, P&G or Pepsi and Coke. A few cell phone brands occasionally muscle in.

June is no exception with Pepsi leading with an ad expenditure on TV of Rs 6.1 crore, displacing last month's leader, Godrej's Pentacool. The latter had notched a spend of Rs 4.5 crore for May. No surprise this, considering aerated, cold drinks were still in demand during this hot summer month. I

It is also interesting to see how companies circulate their brands within a fairly fixed spectrum of advertising budgets. For instance, Pepsi's Mountain Dew was pushed forward in May with a spend of Rs 4.3 crore, while Pepsi was off the high-spending list. In June though, Mountain Dew is nowhere in sight.

The house of Pepsi Foods also heavily promoted another brand, Lehar Kurkure in June, which made it to No 6 in the Top 10 list of high-spending advertisers on TV with Rs 3.6-crore spend. These figures show how important advertising and promotion is for chips and junk food brands. And how much the consumer in turn becomes the sucker and pays for these virtually worthless junk foods.

'Spend-O-Meter' is the advertising monitor of top spending brands in both print and television and is brought to you exclusively by ET and TAM Media. Since most broadcasters give large discounts to their official card rates, our figures are based on estimates of actual ad spends. Compared to the May Top 10 list that was entirely composed of various FMCG brands, the June list has at least two cell companies and a credit card operator. Colgate Dental Cream, at No 2 in May, is displaced. In June, Nokia 6681 and 6680 handsets is at No 2 with an ad spend of Rs 5.2 crore. At No 3 is Airtel's mobile services with a spend of Rs 4.6 crore. The only other non-FMCG brand in the Top 10 list at No 7 is the Visa credit card with a spend of Rs 3.5 crore.

Hindustan Lever brands hogged four spots in the Top 10 list, including Wheel detergent at No 5 (Rs 3.7 crore), Lux Cozi at No 8 (Rs 3.5 crore), Pepsodent toothpaste at No 9 (Rs 3.2 crore) and Clinic shampoo at No 10 (Rs 3.1 crore). P&G's 'Head & Shoulders' was ahead at No 4 with a spend of Rs 4.1 crore.

While Top 3 spenders in June - Pepsi, Nokia and Airtel - had higher budgets averaging nearly 30% over May's Top Brands list, the spends of the Top 10 brands for the two months was almost the same. In June, the total spend was Rs 40.6 crore, while in May, it was Rs 39.7 crore.

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