Triggerbridge to launch its new initiative-- Un-News Hour

Triggerbridge to launch its new initiative-- Un-News Hour

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Apr 12,2016 8:06 AM

Triggerbridge to launch its new initiative-- Un-News Hour

As triggerbridge, the unagency, launched by S Yesudas, in partnership with Ajit Nair and Amit Tripathi, is all set to make its mark barely within four months of its launch and many client engagements.

Under the able leadership of Yesudas, triggerbridge has undertaken many social initiatives like the #AGoodDeedADay, organising marathons to help the needy and is also working on the project to promote rainwater harvesting by residential societies across Mumbai. The other remarkable initiative by triggerbridge is its upcoming news show called the Un-News Hour.

Explaining the rationale behind the Un-News Hour, Yesudas said “Considering the current knowledge economy’s prospect of machines taking over human beings, there’s an impending wave of humanity coming our way that will make the heart more important that head. With this in mind, I thought about the Un-News Hour, initiative.  It is a one-hour prime time news capsule across English, Hindi and all other vernacular languages, which will air only happy news of human achievements, however small or big it might be.”

Recognising the need to bring out the stories about many unsung heroes in the country, he further added, “With every other noise that’s being made everywhere else, this in my opinion, will be an equalizer of sorts and will be a huge opportunity for those unsung heroes to be recognized, day after day and a big ground of motivation for many more to embark on such initiatives. I’m in discussion with some news channels, TV as well as digital, on the modalities.  I’m also looking for support from clients to cover the actual expenses, not for advertising, but for them to be known for doing something much more meaningful for the people of India.” 

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