Times Now spruces up programme line-up with two new shows

Times Now spruces up programme line-up with two new shows

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Monday, May 29,2006 7:00 AM

Times Now spruces up programme line-up with two new shows

Having completed 100 days of bringing urbane viewers the ‘Big Story’, Times Now is now launching ‘Action City’ and ‘News Now Overnight’. Beginning May 29, 2006, ‘Action City’, which covers all the action from the big cities of India, takes the 10:30 pm slot on the channel, while ‘News Now Overnight’ will be on at 11:00 pm – both run Monday to Friday.

Speaking on the launch of the show, Sunil Lulla, CEO, Times Now, said, “With just over three months of being on-air, Times Now’s presentation of the big stories has made the channel capture quality market share. In metros like Mumbai and New Delhi, it is ahead of its recently launched competition. The success of accurate exit polls, insightful analyses and wide variety of guests during Assembly elections has made a mark in the news broadcast space. The launch of two new shows with City focus and Big Story focus will give our viewers a fulfilling news experience in the late prime time band.”

Action City – ‘Your city’s barometer!’ – tells viewers what’s hot, happening and buzzing in the city and about its people. The show with its fast paced, racy and distinct content will give viewers a closer look at the happenings in their own city. The show has exciting segments like Action City 60 seconds, Action City Headlines, Action City Snippets and Entertainment packed – Action City EQ, offering viewers a dose of heady adrenaline-and-testosterone news, all packaged in thirty minutes.

The show will be anchored by Ekta Kumar Nagpal, which will go beyond the conventional studio reporting and take the viewers in the city streets and lanes experiencing the news as it is.

Speaking on the launch of the show, Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief, Times Now, said, “With a strong focus on the big story, Times Now brings the action from the big cities adding to the news centric 7-11 pm prime time band. The show will be relevant to our target audience, making sense of all that is going on around them, bringing them face to face with the news from their environment and reporting on all that matters to them.”

‘News Now Overnight’ is a classic wrap of the day’s important and significant, big stories that are relevant and will impact the lives of the viewers. The format of the show provides the viewers a complete news experience that is uniquely packaged with slick production values.

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