Times Now seeks to consolidate its position in 2008

Times Now seeks to consolidate its position in 2008

Author | Rishi Vora | Monday, Dec 17,2007 6:33 AM

Times Now seeks to consolidate its position in 2008

After a good run in 2007, Times Now is determined to grow further in 2008. For a relatively young channel that was launched in 2006, to reach the numero uno position, according to Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief, Times Now, in the market within a year’s time, was a “well-planned achievement”.

Goswami said, “When we started our operations, we looked at 2006 as a year of creation, and 2007 as a year of leadership. We as a team are glad that as per our set target, we have managed to be the leaders by the end of 2007. 2008 will be a year of consolidation for us. The clear challenge is to keep widening the lead while maintaining the good work. But, as I say, I feel that in this great journey that we are in – of being the number one channel in the English news genre – we have only just started the good work. Now, being the No. 1 channel, our viewers can really expect great strides in what they see on television in 2008 from Times Now.”

As far as revenues are concerned, Goswami said that Times Now commanded the best premium in the market today, and that as long the channel retained its position in the market, revenues shouldn’t be a worry.

On the programming aspect of channel, he informed, “In January and February 2008, we are planning to have an intensive coverage on the Indian series Down Under, which we have called ‘Thunder Down Under’. It crosses about 90-odd days of cricket in what is going to be a tough summer in Australia.”

The channel has called back Swaminathan Iyer to lead the Union Budget 2008 coverage. As of now, Gosawmi said, Times Now was wrapping up 2007 with a political coverage that had off late brought in significant viewership for the channel.

Summing up Times Now’s plans for 2008, Goswami said, “Our strategy in 2008 will not be determined by what our existing competition or new players in the market might do. We will purely do things that we feel would improve our products and would enable us to consolidate our leadership position.”

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