Time to fast-forward; Tulsi, the quintessential Indian bahu, is saas now

Time to fast-forward; Tulsi, the quintessential Indian bahu, is saas now

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:29 AM

Time to fast-forward; Tulsi, the quintessential Indian bahu, is saas now

Mihir and Tulsi, the first couple of Indian television added a few grey strands and 20 years yesterday. The programming team at Star Plus believes that this will "give the title Kyunki Saas …. it's full due & take the story forward." Will it?

Last night’s episode of the popular Kyunki Saas…. fast-forwarded the storyline by 20 years. The story now revolves around the next generation of Virmani family. In a special episode aired last Saturday, Tulsi- the strong willed protagonist, introduced the audience to the generation next and urged the audience to bless this new generation with as much love and affection (read soaring TVRs).

Conventional wisdom would advice against tampering with things just right. After KBC, Kyunki Saas…. has indeed held fort for Star Plus and has been the top programme for quite some time. Why would one change the successful recipe?

Tarun Katial, VP, Programming at Star Plus is quick to argue his case. "The change will be very positive. It will seem just like watching KSBKBT when we started with youngsters like Mihir, Tulsi, Chirag...and the rest. The storyline is very engrossing," says Katial. To establish the narrative, the next few episodes will constantly move in flashbacks and keep the audience informed.

Media analysts are divided. "The change will freshen up the narrative and bring in new audience. After all, audience has been watching the same issues for 350 episodes," says a senior media observer. Others argue that changing a successful formula is fraught with risks.

Moving the storyline ahead by generation is indeed a bold move by Star. It would add a new dimension to the programming and avoid viewer fatigue. Towards the second half of 2001, KBC suffered from this fatigue when it wasn't given a mandatory break. It seems that Star has learnt from this and has taken a proactive move. The upbeat mood in Star camp suggests that they expect this move to to go their way. But they aren't committing anything yet. "Wait & Watch .The episode goes on air tonight" quipped the Star Official when we asked him about the specific viewership expectations.

Watch? we sure will!

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