The History Channel to revive World War II with new series

The History Channel to revive World War II with new series

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Jul 10,2007 9:07 AM

The History Channel to revive World War II with new series

The History Channel is all set to recreate the battlefields of World War II in its series ‘Warcraft: The Art of War’. From August 6 onwards, this series recounts moments of World War II through episodes of ‘Lost Evidence’ and ‘Dogfights’. ‘Jumbo Movies’ is another feature special whereby war-based movies would be showcased.

Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice President-Marketing, History Channel, said, “World War II is regarded as the bloodiest massacre in the history of mankind. Therefore, with ‘Lost Evidence’ and ‘Dogfights’, we have tried to reconstruct the battlefields with a reconnaissance of photos.”

‘Lost Evidence’ is a resurrection of key battles in the European and Pacific theatres. Battlefields were reconstructed in CGI with the help of high-resolution aerial photographs taken before and during the battles. Viewers would be able to track the action yard by yard. The programme will be aired every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm. Sheshadri added, “There was a lot of evidence that got misplaced during World Was II. Using classified military footage painstakingly collected over the years, ‘Lost Evidence’ displays the deadliest conflict in human history that resulted in 60 million deaths, mobilised over 100 million soldiers across 61 nations.”

Another show ‘Dogfights’ is a series that recreates famous battles using state-of-the-art computer graphics. While first-hand accounts drive the story, rare archival footages and original shooting supplements the remarkable computer graphics. It will be aired throughout August from Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

The channel would also air a collection of movies in August in the ‘Jumbo Movies’ segment, to be shown every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm, from August 4. The channel would feature World War II through movies ‘Fall from Grace’, ‘From Here to Eternity’, ‘Hitler-The Rise of Evil’ and ‘Das Boot’.

Speaking on future plans of the channel, Sheshadri said, “As Princess Diana’s 10th death anniversary is approaching, we have scheduled September for a ‘Princess Special’, where we will showcase movies like ‘Marilyn’, ‘A woman named Jackie’ and ‘Princess Diana’.”

He added that the channel recently aired ‘Hippies’, a two-hour special on a misrepresented class of society who are accused of being addicted to alcohol, sex and rock and roll.

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