The History Channel revisits the Roman Empire

The History Channel revisits the Roman Empire

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Oct 31,2007 8:00 AM

The History Channel revisits the Roman Empire

The History Channel takes its viewers to Rome this November, with a new series ‘Rome: The First Empire’, which will attempt to unravel secrets and mysteries surrounding one of the most powerful empires in the world. The eight-part series will showcase the historic events that led to the rise and fall of the mighty Roman Empire. ‘Rome: The First Empire’ will go premiere on November 5 at 9 pm, and will be aired from Monday to Thursday.

This series will showcase some of the most powerful Roman rulers including Nero, Julius Caesar and Constantine, among others. Computer graphic imagery (CGI) mixed with compelling drama, a stunning cast and spectacular live-action battles to create the history of how the empire was formed, how it achieved maximum power, and why it eventually failed.

Rajesh Sheshadri, Senior Vice President-Content and Communication, The History Channel, said, “The endeavour of The History Channel has always been to bring alive historic people, places and events in an entertaining format. ‘Rome: The First Empire’ is one of the many programming initiatives we are offering this quarter to provide an ultimate viewing experience for the viewers.”

The series will begin with the life journey of Nero who committed suicide after he had been condemned to death by the Senate. Julius Caesar, supposedly the most famous Roman ruler, follows next, and the show will highlight the maverick soldier who overthrew a 500-year-old republic and seizing power for himself. The series next traverses to explain how Tiberius Gracchus brought down the 500-year-old Roman republic. The Jewish Revolt was the biggest rebellion by a province in Roman history. The series tells the story of how Rome turned to the disgraced General Vespasian and his son, Titus, to put it down.

What follows next is the story of how Constantine united Rome, using military might and Christianity. In AD 410, the Goth hordes sacked Rome, symbolising imperial decline. Within 70 years, the Western Empire – what people think of as Ancient Rome –m was abandoned. The channel will also bring alive the story of one of history’s greatest military leaders, Hannibal. The series will showcase the story of the Carthaginian general who struck fear in all Roman hearts and wreaked havoc with his masterful military tactics, bringing the mighty Roman Republic to the brink of ruin.

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