The History Channel beefs up programming

The History Channel beefs up programming

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Oct 04,2004 7:13 AM

The History Channel beefs up programming

It is perhaps the time for The History Channel to create a buzz in the market again. While the channel has recently unleashed a campaign promoting its 10 pm slot, it has also added more to its programming basket. Channel officials explain that more is planned in its forthcoming offerings to attract the Indian viewer.

The niche, special-interest channel will soon complete a year on television. In terms of numbers, the channel has managed an increase over this period even though the numbers are small. The highest that the channel has seen for C&S 4+, SEC ABC is 0.1 in terms of weekly channel share. Sharing more on the channel’s growth, Dilshad Master, Senior VP, Content and Communications, The History Channel, explains, “The channel has grown substantially since its launch. It currently reaches almost 24 million households and will continue to obtain more viewership with new programming and marketing initiatives.”

Throwing more light on the objective of the new campaign, Master explains that the driver programme, ‘Biography’ is at the 10 pm slot and the campaign revolves around the same show. “The programme has done very well for us. The series showcases personalities who have, at some point of time, touched our lives. The forthcoming Star Wars saga is an attempt to keep up the performance of the slot.”

The Star Wars Trilogy episodes, which make the new line-up for ‘Biography’ series began last night. The other new programmes that will be seen on the channel soon, include ‘Lifestyle TV’ - a series about the life of famous people in fashion, music, royalty and business. “We also have ‘X-Men of History’ coming on-air. This is a story of the power the great commanders of History handled and then there is a new line-up of History’s Mysteries,” informs Master.

Dwelling more on the programmes that have managed to click best with the Indian audience, she says, “The shows that have delivered well for us include Biography, History's Mysteries and Boys Toys. Consequently, we are expanding the programming offer in all the three categories.”

For the Indian television, The History Channel means a very niche offering. Though the channel has registered growth, media experts are of the opinion that for advertisers, the channel still stands largely for imagery. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped media houses from launching more such channels. Discovery’s forthcoming offering in the form of three new channels is an indication of this fact.

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