The Cell highlights ‘Unfinished Agendas’ for TV18’s Budget 2008 campaign

The Cell highlights ‘Unfinished Agendas’ for TV18’s Budget 2008 campaign

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Feb 11,2008 7:09 AM

The Cell highlights ‘Unfinished Agendas’ for TV18’s Budget 2008 campaign

With the Budget Session approaching fast, channels are gearing up to create programmes around the annual stocktaking of the country’s economy. The Cell, the communications specialist group of TV18, has recently come up with a campaign to promote the Group’s Budget 2008 programming with the tagline ‘Unfinished Agenda’.

The campaign highlights the fact that though India’s economy is booming, there are some ‘unfinished agendas’ in every sector and there is a strong need to make improvements these areas. Zubin Driver, Network Creative Director, Network18 Group, is the creative director of the campaign.

Elaborating on the campaign, Driver said, “The brief given by the client to the agency was to highlight the issues that remained to be address by the administration over the last few years. We had to find a symbolic way of representing the current state of the Indian economy. It is a very powerful visual route that we have taken. We have used various popular architectural icons in a distorted fashion to bring alive the idea.”

He further said, “The challenge was that with every channel and publication rolling out their Budget campaigns, there was a need to ensure that the message from CNBC-TV18 was not lost in the crowd.”

“The Cell came up with the idea of showing visuals depicting iconic Indian monuments and locations like the Taj Mahal and India Gate, where a portion of the structure is missing – symbolising the unfinished agenda, which is the tagline of the campaign. The visuals go a long way in conveying the message about the growth and development promises that Indians expect from the financial policies, many of which are yet to be fulfilled across all sectors,” Driver explained.

The insight was that The Cell, being a part of CNBC-TV18, was in touch with the pulse of the common man. “They have a clear understanding of what drives him and what he expects from the establishment. The fact that there are several pending issues that need to be addressed ends up developing frustration among people. The campaign needs to project this aspect about the development scenario,” he said.

Driver added, “The campaign broke last week all over the TV18 Network and on other TV channels as well. The print campaign will break this week in magazines and dailies. The OOH campaign will follow the print campaign.”

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