TEN sports bags Soccer World Cup rights

TEN sports bags Soccer World Cup rights

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Apr 20,2002 8:53 AM

TEN sports bags Soccer World Cup rights Nawal Ahuja

After much speculation the deal has finally been closed. Confirming the development a company spokesperson at TEN Sports told exchange4media that TEN Sports has been able to finalise the bid with Kirsch Media Group directly. It was earlier reported that Stracon India, Sidhartha Ray’s Company was selling it on behalf of Kirsch media.

TEN Sports is also getting its team in place for ad sales and marketing. Rukin Kizilbalsch has joined the company as the ad sales head in Mumbai. Rukin is an ex ESPN and ex TWI executive.

The size of the deal is not yet known but sources say it is a substantial sum of money, though not as close to the $ 40 million figure suggested by some earlier estimates.

According to company sources TEN Sports is now gearing up to get the distribution of the channel in place. Despite the hype created around the launch and Sharjah Cup the channel has not been available even in metros leave alone smaller centers. Given that they now have the Soccer World Cup, which is starting in another month’s time and the huge popularity of the event especially in the Eastern parts of the country, TEN sports will surely try to make the best out of the deal.

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