TeleWeb: NDTV leads in TV and Internet reach in Mumbai, Delhi news markets

TeleWeb: NDTV leads in TV and Internet reach in Mumbai, Delhi news markets

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Oct 15,2015 8:13 AM

TeleWeb: NDTV leads in TV and Internet reach in Mumbai, Delhi news markets

The first TeleWeb Audience Measurement system numbers released by TAM unveiled that in the target group All 15+, the Mumbai and Delhi markets are the two largest markets for the English News genre on TV as well as the Internet. NDTV has the highest combined reach of TV and Internet.

NDTV’s average monthly combined reach in Delhi was higher at 1,034 (000s), while in Mumbai it was it lower at 724 (000s). The channel’s reach on TV in Delhi was 267 (000s) and in Mumbai was 170 (000s). The internet reach of the channel was significantly higher on the internet as in Delhi its reach was 804 (000s) and in Mumbai it was (574s).

India Today was in second spot with a combined reach of 744 (000s) in Delhi and 608 (000s) in Mumbai. This includes TV reach of 489 (000s) and internet reach of 279 (000s) in Delhi. And in Mumbai TV reach is 435 (000s), while Internet reach is 192 (000s). India Today has been more successful in terms of reach in Mumbai as compared to Delhi. But it witnesses higher incremental reach of 6% from Delhi as compared to a 5% from Mumbai said the report.

Times NOW comes at No.3 spot had a higher combined reach in Delhi with 464 (000s) and 368 (000s) in Mumbai. In the Delhi market the reach on TV was significantly higher at 452 (000s) and Internet reach was 15 (000s). The Mumbai market too was similar with ratings of TV being much higher at 310 (000s) and internet reach was higher than that of Delhi at only 65 (000s).

CNN IBN came in next with combined ratings of Delhi being much higher at 370 (000s) and 190 (000s) in Mumbai. While the TV medium had more reach for the channel, the Delhi market dominated in terms of reach. For internet however the Mumbai market had a much higher reach. The TV medium in Delhi was 361 (000s) and Internet reach was only 11 (000s). In Mumbai the TV brought in reach of 133 (000s) and internet was 61 (000s).

News X was last with combined reach of 271 (000s) in Delhi and 181 (000s) in Mumbai. Similarly, for News X too the Delhi market was higher reach than the Mumbai market, but in the Mumbai market it is the opposite. TV in the Delhi Market got a reach of 249 (000s) and in Mumbai was 145 (000s). However, the internet reach was higher with 42 (000s) in Mumbai and was almost half the reach in Delhi with 24 (000s).

According to TeleWeb the news genre as a whole witnesses an almost 19% incremental reach in the two key markets i.e. Mumbai and Delhi. The higher consumption on the internet has mainly been fuelled by the internet websites, while mobile apps, YouTube and mobile websites are yet to catch on. 

Avg. Monthly Reach (000s) of English News Channels Across Media
Channel Media  Delhi  Mumbai
CNN IBN TV 361 133
Internet 11 61
Combined 370 190
Internet 279 192
Combined 744 608
NDTV TV 267 170
Internet 804 574
Combined 1034 724
NEWS X TV 249 145
Internet 24 42
Combined 271 181
TIMES NOW TV 452 310
Internet 15 65
Combined 464 368
GENRE TV 901 687
Internet 1035 810
Combined 1754 1353
Source: TeleWeb System TG: All 15+ AB Males Period: Apr-Jun'15

Source : TeleWeb Audience Measurement
TG : All 15+
Markets : Mumbai & Delhi

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