TAM to scale up TV AdEx operations to cover 300 channels by end 2006

TAM to scale up TV AdEx operations to cover 300 channels by end 2006

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jul 02,2005 8:20 AM

TAM to scale up TV AdEx operations to cover 300 channels by end 2006

In the backdrop of the huge proliferation of television channels and in keeping with its objective to track the last advertising rupee in the Indian media industry, TAM’s AdEx India, which monitors and analyses advertising, is further scaling up its TV AdEx operations. TAM measures 250 channels for viewership ratings while AdEx India monitors 117 channels.

AdEx India speculates that it will have to monitor advertising on more than 150 channels by the end of 2005 and 300 channels by the end of 2006. A roadmap for this required expansion is currently being worked out.

Citing an example, Atul Phadnis, VP, TAM Media Research, said, “A service like TV AdEx has to capture and monitor 98-99 per cent of all TV revenues in the country. While the earlier AdEx model was to capture every ad and programme on TV, planners today want us to monitor every sponsorship element, every innovation, every brand sighting and every product placement. On the other hand, broadcasters want us to capture promos, channel and program branding elements, content elements and placements.”

While new media are tracked to realize AdEx’s vision, existing media would need to expand constantly, added Phadnis. Hence, AdEx India was gearing up for a massive scalability that incorporates new technology, infrastructure and training and development for its talent pool.

AdEx India was set up in India almost 35 years ago to capture Press advertising trends. Today, it monitors advertising on terrestrial TV stations, cable & satellite TV channels, newspapers and magazines and the latest addition, radio, through Radio AdEx.

AdEx India recently launched Newspaper Revenue Track (NRT), the first tool to track and analyse unmonitored revenue sources for newspapers by markets, zones, publications and editions including display advertising, tenders/notices, appointments and classifieds. AdEx India will also be announcing shortly another media that will be tracked for advertising spends.

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