TAM six metro IPL ratings bring some respite to advertisers

TAM six metro IPL ratings bring some respite to advertisers

Author | Robin Thomas | Friday, May 01,2009 8:44 AM

TAM six metro IPL ratings bring some respite to advertisers

TAM Media Research’s six metro market ratings for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad for day 9, 10 and 11 of the Indian Premier League, played on April 26, 27 and 28, respectively, have given advertisers something to look forward to.

For the matches played from April 18-25, the average TRPs stood at 4.61. The trends are pretty much similar, nevertheless the delivery of IPL in its second season is lower than what it was in the first season.

While the earlier IPL ratings have perhaps brought some grim faces, the ratings for C&S 4+ six-metro market – Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad – released by TAM Media Research on April 30, 2009 for day 9, 10 and 11 matches show that while most of the IPL matches have been delivering low, the Mumbai Indian versus Kolkata Knight Riders match proved that there is still a very strong traction towards IPL by the sheer numbers that have come in, which show that Mumbai has hit a strong TVR of almost 10 and Kolkata at almost eight. This is by far one of the best played matches in IPL Season 2.

The trends emerging out of these results show that any city that is winning is delivering for that city in particular. For instance, when Royal Challengers Bangalore lost against Delhi Daredevils on April 26, it delivered a dismal 2.73 TVR from its home city of Bangalore. Delhi, on the other hand, saw 5.32 TVR, which was the highest among the other five metros. The TVR for all the six metros for this match was 4.00.

The match played between Chennai Super Kings and Deccan Chargers on April 27, in which the Chargers had won, showed Hyderabad deliver a TVR of 6.53, while Chennai delivered only 4.32 TVR. The TVR for all the six metros for this match was only 3.38, which was the lowest among the six metros in these three days.

Nevertheless, the trend suggests that much like when team India plays a particular match its ratings go up, similarly at a very on-ground level whenever a city is playing well, the impact of that city’s performance also reflects in the ratings to some extent.

The other trend that is seen emerging is that the closely fought matches, especially those that maintain the thrill till the very last ball, are also delivering good ratings. In this case, the Mumbai Indian versus Kolkata Knight Riders match actually brought the IPL back in the picture with a rating of 7.03 TVR across the six metros on April 27. Mumbai alone had scored 9.85 TVR, while Kolkata scored 7.75 TVR, making it one of the best played matches so far.

Interestingly, the match played on April 28 between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals, which the latter won, also received decent ratings of 5.09 TVR for all six metros. Delhi received 6.55 TVR, while Hyderabad saw 6.17 TVR.

Among these six metros, it is mainly Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad that have delivered good numbers despite their teams not playing at the time. On the other hand, cities like Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore have shown poor ratings. Kolkata’s ratings only shot up when the Kolkata Knight Riders played, whereas a city like Bangalore did not seem interested even in their own team. Ratings in metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad have brought some cheer to advertisers, and as the tournament progresses and brings in more surprises, viewership and ratings are expected to go up.

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